Durgacharanuragi Baba Sant Nagpalji

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Nagpal Baba, Babaji
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Baba Ji was born in the state of Karnataka on the auspicious full moon day of the Holi festival in the year 1925. He lost his parents at a tender age.
He spent several years in Kashmir and then Maa Durga guided him in his move to Delhi, where he spent some time in Arjun Nagar and built a beautiful Temple. He then moved to Durga Ashram near Chhattarpur village (now a wing of the Shaktipeeth about one kilometer away)
Finally, around the mid 1970s, Baba Ji shifted to the present site(Chhattarpur), which was then an undulating wasteland covered with wild shrubs and bushes.
Devotees started gathering around the Baba and his Shaktipeeth which started taking shape as designed to the last detail by Baba Ji, who even carried bricks on his own shoulders for the initial construction work. It is a miracle in itself and a convincing example of Maa Durga’s grace that the Shaktipeeth has developed from scratch into a mini temple town spread across 70 acres of land in two and a half decades.
The buildings reflect the different architectural styles of the regions of the country. The Shaktipeeth is a homage to the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Akhand Brahmand Naayika Bhagwati Maa Katyayani.
Baba’s mission in life was to remove the evil of superstition and ignorance from the minds of a comman man and to reveal to him the Sanathan Dharma in its true and undistorted form, and to spread the message of tolerance, brotherhood and patriotism. Service to the needy was his gospel.
Baba’s direction was that all the services provided by the Shaktipeeth must be free. Narrow considerations of colour, caste, creed, region, and socio-economic status had just no place in Baba’s Shaktipeeth. The rich and the mighty sit and worship here alongwith the humblest of the humble and the lowest of the low as children of the ever-benevolent Mother.
It is the foundation of purity and selflessness and a healthy blend of the eternal truths in the ancient tradition in the modern world that distinguished Baba’s Shaktipeeth from other temples. This is what fascinated his devotees and the Matri Pariwar grew at a phenomenal pace.
The serene, clean and aesthetically pleasant campus of the Shaktipeeth attracts thousands of devotees and visitors everyday. On full moon days (Poornima), festivals and public holidays, the stream of visitors runs from morning till night. Prashad on Sunday and lungar on all Purnima (full moon) day’s are given to every devotee. Coming to the Temple. During Vasant Chaitra and Sharad Navratras, besides phallaharto those on fast, free langar is run in the morning and evening for the lakhs of devotees who throng the temple to seek the blessing of Maa Parvathi.



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Divine love flows from his eyes

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you can feel immense joy and peace even if you look at his eyes....
How much divine love is there in his presence....
May everyone recieve his blessings and love
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