Dr H. R. Nagendra

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Dr H. R. Nagendra, Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)

Dr. Nagendra, a former space scientist at NASA, returned to his native India, changing, as he says, from engineering to human engineering "in search of truth." According to him, the search for ultimate truth through external means (science) did not take him far enough and that is why he chose to dive deep into his own consciousness in search of reality through yoga. He then proceeded to deal with this subject in the scientific manner he has become accustomed to.

In 1975, Dr. Nagendra established the internationally famous Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Research Foundation (or V K YOGAS) which has been renamed Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandana Samsthana (sVYASA).

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Dr Hongasandra Rama Rao Nagendra
Born on Jan 1, 1943, Nagendra is at present the President of VYASA, Bangalore,
VYASA, International, VYERTI, Melbourne and Vice Chancellor of SVYASA Deemed
University. He has authored and cop-authored about 35 books on yoga, nearly 35research papers in engineering and 60 in yoga. He has awards from the Ministry of
Health, a Yoga Sri award from BKS Iyengar and a senor Citizens award from New Delhi.He is consultant in Yoga to many Universities in Australia and USA, member of several
bodies in Govt. of India.After graduation, Nagendra got ME and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Indian
Institute of Science in 1965 and 1968, researched at University of British Columbia,Canada, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL as Post Doctoral ResearchAssociate and at Harvard University Engineering Sciences laboratory as a Consultantbetween 1969 and 72 and Imperial College of S and T, London before he returned to IISc.
He joined Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, a service mission as an honorary director of training in 1975. Developing yoga and yoga therapy programs for the modern youth and ailing sick with Dr Nagarathna, he spent nearly a decade before shifting his head Quarters to Bangalore, Prashanti Kutiram to translate the vision of Swami Vivekananda to combine the best of the East with the best of the East by combining modern scientific research to examine the efficacy of yoga to solve the challenges of the modern era.As the team developed, the campus Prashanti Kutiram took shape, the research papers
started getting published in leading main stream journals of the world, VYASA started gaining greater momentum with nearly 70 research publications on yoga, 200
dissertations by students of Certificate and Diploma Courses, 65 dissertations of Masters degree in yoga and 6 thesis of PhD, acquiring accreditation from DST, Ministry of Health and FW, Dept of AYUSH, UGC recognizing it as one of the premier yoga institutes of the country, recognized by Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore and Rajiv Gandhi Universities from 1991 to 2001, Hindu University of America in 2002 and finally acquiring the status
of a Deemed University named Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana(Research Foundation) SVYASA for short, in 2003 offering courses from Certificate to
Doctroal programs in Yogic Sciences. So far about 50 MSc students have graduated from this unique yoga University, six PhD from Bangalore University and 3 more r PhD
from SVYASA. Fourteen students got their Masters degree and one Ph D from HUA.Remaining 5 are about to finish.
More info at http://www.svyasa.org/


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