Dr. Georg Feuerstein

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Dr. Georg Feuerstein (born 1947) is a German-Canadian Indologist specializing on Yoga. Feuerstein has authored over 30 books on mysticism, Yoga, Tantra, and Hinduism. He has translated, among other traditional texts, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita.

Feuerstein moved to England to do his postgraduate research at Durham University and subsequently lived for 23 years in the United States. Today, he is a resident of Canada and lives in Saskatchewan.

The author of over 30 books on yoga and creator of definitive works in audio on the teachings and foundations of yoga, he is the founder and director of the Yoga Research and Education Center in California.

Since the early '70s he has made a significant contribution to the understanding and cooperation within the East-West dialogue. His expertise, knowledge and passion to preserve the authentic teachings of Yoga in its diverse forms has led him to be acknowledged as a leading authority on this subject.

This passion and interest began at the early age of 14 and was sparked by his reading Paul Brunton's seminal work, A Search in Secret India. From this time he has not diverted from the yogic path and his enthusiasm and knowledge has become a mainstay in the resurgence of Yoga in its original form in the West.

"Integral thinker" Ken Wilber has called him both "probably Gebser's foremost American interpreter"[2] as well as "...a scholar-practitioner of the first magnitude, an extremely important and valuable voice for the perennial philosophy, and arguably the foremost authority on Yoga today."

Historian of religions Mircea Eliade called Feuerstein's 'The Philosophy of Classical Yoga', "one of the most profound and original contributions to the understanding of classical yoga".



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