Divyaa Kummar

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Spiritual Teacher
Channeling; Awakening internally to the path of Gyan, Spontaneous Meditation
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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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She was born into a spiritual (though not religious) family, with family members resonating to different gurus, and thus was exposed to a wide range of living masters since early age.

In 2001 she read a channeled book and somehow that became a trigger - within few months she says she opened up to divine knowing from within. She would sit in spontaneous mediation and receive deep insights, connect with universal masters, be energetically connected to divine energy and even sleep became an inner learning platform as I would awake with much gyan (knowledge, in Sanskrit). She soon felt that it was her purpose to receive intuitive direct knowing and spread the word.

She says the sharing just started seemingly by itself, first friends then others, through discourses, workshops, meditation groups and writing. Soon, she ended up with the tag of being a spiritual teacher/guide/mentor without any volition of her own.


Simply put the spiritual path is the journey or shift in awareness from self to Self to Non-Self; the move from destiny to free will to Divine will; the move from helplessness to empowered creator & manifestation to surrender & non doership; the move from blame & guilt to complete responsibility to all embracing acceptance that all is perfect as it is; the move from manas /thinking mind to mind expansion ( buddhi/universe) to mindlessness; the move from chaos & confusion to passionate focused effort to the discipleship of effortlessness; the move from being lost to the gurgle of knowing you are a vital part of the cosmic play to awakening; the move from limited personal identity to expanded personal consciousness to Universal Impersonal Consciousness; the move from I am no one, to I Am God to That I Am…!

Thus yes what is known as Advaita – but these are all points along the one continuum and each truth becomes your experiential rather than academic truth does it automatically lead to the next! Thus the first phase brings you in touch with your divine self, into becoming all that is and the second phase is its spontaneous dissolution into nothingness! Paradoxically the more firmly you can establish as self (the first phase) the more automatically and deeper does the second phase ‘just happen’.

Life and the material plane is not something ‘less than’ the spiritual- indeed it is spirit that chooses to experience and expand itself through the material plane! I describe my sharing as the path of Tantra – NOT to be mistaken with Tantric rites – but the path of joy and fulfillment which spontaneously leads to transcendence! And this to me is true spirituality – that which includes rather than excludes day to day life!! It takes into account a joyous here and now and not only heavenly thereafter! Blends and indeed optimizes our humanity & its purposes rather than opposing, suffocating, suppressing it! Thereby deeply fulfilled, and in deep union with Self and all Selves around us, we but naturally become more and more palpably the 'God' within…and around! Spirituality’ and ‘life’ are NOT two separate compartments but a joyous fused whole pervading your very being…and reflecting all around us, in our: personal reality, environment and world!


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