Devender Vigyani

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Sri Sri Devender Vigyani Ji
Siddha Maha Yoga
Main Countries of Activity: 
India, USA
Date of Birth: 
December 16, 1918
Place of Birth: 
Uttar Pradesh, India
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Other Related Gurus: 
Swami Gangadhar Tirth,Sh.Yoganand Maharaj,,Swami Vishnu Tirth ji,Pandit Harbanse Lal Sharma JI,Sh. Deepak Yogi JI


Sri Devendra Vigyani was born on December 16, 1918 in the village of Nagla Ranjit Singh, District Buland Shahar (Uttar Pradesh State), India. His childhood name is Devendra Pal Singh. His father Sri Deep Singh was a school-teacher and mother Srimati Narayani Devi a housewife. Both his parents were very religious. Sri Vigyani was very different right from his childhood with great interest in religion, Hindu Philosophy and spirituality. In his childhood itself, he developed great devotion for God Rama and Krishna and thought about real aims of human life. He used to insist his parents and cry to bring Rama & Laxmana for him to live and play with. As he grew up, he became increasingly interested in sages and seers and thought about the real aim of human life. His spiritual tendencies grew during college life. Heavily aggrieved by the untimely death of his younger brother, he became very detached from the world and even his studies. One day, he met an unknown Sannyasi and requested him to stay with him in hostel. He was living all alone in a 3-seater college-hostel-room which was situated in a quiet and secluded place, where no other student dared to live because of the fear of snakes and its cracked walls. The saint agreed and stayed a day and night with him. Very pleased with his devotion and service, the saint blessed him to achieve the main goal of life. He was an unknown Siddha (self-realized soul) who was never seen again.

While studying in Xth class, heavily aggrieved in the memory of his younger brother, he determined (vowed) to have real look (appearance, i.e. Shakshatkar) of Lord Krishna playing on flute and do nothing till this desire is fulfilled. He locked the door and sat on a mat in the room meditating on the said picture of the Lord Krishna and praying to Him to appear. The whole night and the other day passed. He remained in rapturous states for some times feeling His presence like in a clear dream. As he was absent in hostel-prayers, he was searched for. Hostel-warden and his friend knocked the door repeatedly and compelled him to open the door and come out. This incident increased his inclination all the more towards the god-realization (spirituality) and to remain Brahmachari (un-married) through out the whole life.

He joined his elder brother late Sri Jagpal Singh who was an extra ordinary Karma Yogi and who, later became very influenced by the spiritual inclinations of his younger brother and finally, himself became not only a very successful businessman but also a highly spiritual soul. He was involved in the freedom struggle against British rule in India and as a staunch freedom fighter in “Quit India” movement vowed not to marry in until the country was free. Apart from this, Sri Devendra Vigyani was very reluctant to worldly matters, constantly yearned for a Guru who could lead him to Moksha (salvation), his chosen objective of life. He got a photo of Sri Narayan Tirth Maharaj from the book "Mahayoga Vigyan" and started worshipping him. His extreme devotion and resolve resulted in the appearance of Param Guru Sri Narayan Tirth Maharaj on Thursday, the November 24, 1938, 4-5 a.m. in Delhi, who blessed him with "Swapna Diksha" (initiation in dream), a very effective system of "Shaktipat initiation”. His Sadhana following this grew very intense for many years. He also introduced his parents, elder brother, sisters and close friends to "Shaktipat Diksha", convinced them of its importance and eventually got them initiated by Sri DilipDutt Sharma Upadhyay and his disciple Sri Ram Kala Sharma.. Sri Upadhyay, a disciple of Sri Yoganand Brahmachari, was not only a staunch scholar of Sanskrit and Vedic literature but also a rare and self-realized Yogi of a very high caliber who had “Ichha-Mritu” (death at own will). He stayed in family life away from publicity but was very affectionate and kind to Devendra Vigyani.

After the death of his parents, Vigyani set out for pilgrimage and finally reached the holy land of Rishikesh in Himalayas where so many famous Yogis performed their deep penance. As advised by Sri Upadhyay Ji, there he met Sri Yoganand Brahmachari (later known as Sri Yogendra Vigyani Ji Maharaj) on April 15, 1945, a famous Yogi and disciple of Param Guru Sri Narayan Tirth Maharaj since 1918. Devendra humbly expressed his highest spiritual ambition and inquired, “I only want to know if you possess and can give me what I am searching for? If you do, it is up to me to take it from you, not by begging for it, but through my extreme devotion and unique service". Sri Yoganand Brahmachari,-- who was not easily approachable because of his short temperament and Yogic Aura,-- answered : “No one has come to me yet craving for such a thing and asked me such questions. I shall pray to Lord Shiva to fulfill your desired goal”. He then became his disciple and surrendered his lifetime savings, belongings and his whole self to him. As a truest disciple, he offered him unflinching devotion, performed Shaktipat Sadhana, stayed in his service whole-heartedly and followed his testing and rigorous orders without any hitch. At his behest, he also married Smt. Shanti Devi in 1947 and accepted Grahasth Ashram (family life). Sri Guru Yoganand Brahmachari himself married and made a clear statement again that family life is not only acceptable for the pursuit of Moksha (self-realization) but also, in many cases, very helpful because it allows one to conquer worldly passions and Vasanas (lustful tendencies) by experiencing them first and thereby, unmasking and thus revealing their hollowness and falsity. For this reason, many great pillars of Indian spirituality and Rishis stayed in family life. He spent many years in service of his Guru. During this time he became very close to Yogendra Vigyani Maharaj who has called him his best disciple ever in many letters he wrote. He conferred upon him the title of “Vigyani” and Guru Power to initiate “Shaktipat” as his successor.

He closed the printing and publication business and means of his livelihood located in Chawri Bazar, Delhi and established “VIGYAN PRESS” in Rishikesh in 1949 at the instructions of his Gurudev. He elevated this to be the most reputed printing and publication house of the UTTARAKHAND region of the time. Perturbed by the increasing deterioration of moral values in the society, he started a monthly publication named “CHARITRA NIRMAN” and had Sri Swami Vishnu Tirth ji Maharaj as the first Editor-in-Chief and himself remained sub-editor along with his other associates. After a few years, political corruption and opposition he had to stop this monthly journal.

More importantly, he came in contact with late Sri Swami Vishnu Tirth Maharaj who had gotten Shaktipat initiation from his Guru Sri Yoganand Maharaj back in 1933 and became Sanyasi later. Spiritual brotherhood between Sri Devendra Vigyani and Sri Swami Vishnu Tirth always remained very strong. As a Sanyasi, Swami Vishnu Tirth Maharaj was very affectionate to him and Vigyani always very respectful of him and remembers him with great reverence and regard to date. Gurudev Sri Yogendra Vigyani relinquished his mortal body on June 26, 1959. Vigyani was heavily aggrieved and mentally restless by his untimely departure. Therefore Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji insisted Vigyani to accompany him in his pilgrimage to Pashupatinath (Nepal) and he obeyed him. There Swami Ji consoled aggrieved Vigyani and offered himself to fill up the void left by the departure of his gurudeva in his spiritual life. He also urged to initiate genuine aspirants in “Shaktipat”.

Sri Yoganand Brahmachari had acquired the property of Vigyan Bhawan in donation and had built the same using collective donations as his spiritual abode only for religious and spiritual purposes. In accordance with his earnest desire and with the efforts of Swami ji this property was registered as a trust named “Vigyan Bhawan Trust”. Though Swamiji had had his own “Narayan Kuti Sannyas Asram” at Dewas (M.P.), yet he accepted to be the president of this Ashram in order to conserve and spiritually flourish it and also because of his attachment to the holy river Gangaji in Rishikesh. He appointed his elder guru-sister Srimati RamaBai and his disciple Sri Ram Prakash Brahamchari as local resident managers. Unfortunately “Vigyan Bhawan Ashram Trust” soon fell victim to the greed of the then resident descendants who wished to make it their own property and business. Their insulting behavior and misuse of the esteemed Guru-place forced peace-loving Swami ji and his appointees to abandon this Ashram just alike Sri Devendra Ji.

Swami ji was ardently devoted to the holy river Gangaji and was desirous to spend his rest life on its banks. Since “Vigyan Bhawan” had been made inaccessible to him, there was a problem of accommodation for him to stay in Rishikesh with his accompanying devotees. In order to fulfill this desire of his most revered Swamiji, Vigyaniji bought a farmland in Muni-Ki-Reti (Tehri Garhwal: Himalayas) in 1964 and donated the best portion overlooking Gangaji as selected by Swamiji. Additionally, he was put to very hard work, face all the obstacles, hard road-blocks and difficulties in the struggle to get the present “Yogashri Peeth Ashram” constructed with the financial help of many other disciples of Swamiji. Vigyani named this Ashram himself and was its founder secretary also. He remained wholly devoted to the smooth functioning of this Ashram with the help of his close and dear friend, confidant and attorney general Sri Lala Ganga Prasadji who was disciple of Sri Upadhyayji at the behest of Vigyaniji. He devoted whole of his remaining life to this Ashram and left his mortal body here in 1982. Shri Swami Vishnu Titha Ji Maharaj relinquished his mortal body on October 01, 1969. His spiritual heir Swami Shivom Tirth ji and other disciples are carrying his spiritual tradition forward.

Sri Devendra Vigyani retired from his business/family responsibilities in 1992-93. He was of the opinion that one must enter the fourth order of life (Sannyas Ashram) after the age of 75 years. As such, after his retirement, he intended to become a Sannyasi. At that time, H.H. Sri Swami Narayan Tirth Ji Maharaj was the only adorable Guru for him who had the appropriate lineage and spiritual status. He was Sannyas-Guru-Brother of H.H. Sri Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji Maharaj and was equally kind, affectionate and close to Vigyani. So, in 1995 he went to Uttarkashi, with a checkbook in his pocket for the expenditures of Sannyas-Diksha (Bhandara or feast of Sannyasins etc.) accompanied by Swami Govindananda Tirth and Nardeva Kothari and requested Swami Ji for Sannyas Diksha. Swami Ji said: “Devendra Ji, You have been leading an example life like Raja Janak and have already achieved the very main goal of being a Sannyasi. This Ashram and life is no more adorable and worthwhile now-a-days for the persons like you. Take my advice and give up this idea of becoming a colored-cloth Sannyasi. You are already a Sannyasi internally. No use of colouring the cloths now.” Honoring his sincere advice he returned back home and decided to remain in the family intensifying the real vision of Supreme knowledge and Bliss absolute. But still he is of the opinion that the Sannyas Ashram may be more beneficial for the better experiences of universe and the divinity.

He started visiting his eldest son Narendra Kumar then residing at 1600, Squire Drive, Maple Glen, PA 19002, USA. There, the quiet atmosphere and lack of distractions suited him well in taking his spirituality to new heights. On his Bodh Diwas (day of self-realization), November 3, 1993 in the evening (Indian time, Nov. 4, Thursday, ~ 5a.m.) he had the divine experience of self-realization and felt his absolute eternal consciousness ( Sakshatkar, Granthi-Vedh ), the ultimate goal of human life. Recently, at the age of 86 Sri Devendra Vigyani continues to pursue many other spiritual endeavors including efforts for the upliftment of “The divine science of Shaktipat”, inspiring people to pursue goals of human life, guiding genuine aspirants in their quest for self-realization, thorough study of scriptures and writing. He has initiated some 30 disciples only in “Shaktipat”. He has been very concerned about the decline, commercialization and misuse of Lord Shiva’s divine science of “Shaktipat” and deterioration in its effectiveness and power. Vigyaniji wrote to most of senior Shaktipat Gurus in 1994 and appealed to them to take corrective actions. It is his earnest desire to restore this divine tradition of “Shaktipat” to its glory and to help, mentor and guide those who are genuinely interested in achieving the highest goal of human life, Moksha (self-realization, absolute eternal bliss). ----Narendra Kumar



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