Deepak Yogi Ji

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Shri Shri Deepak Yogi Ji
Siddha Maha Yoga
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Hapur, Utter Pardesh, India
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Swami Gangadhar Tirth,Sh.Yoganand Maharaj,Swami Sankar Pursosttam Tirth ji,Swami Lok Nath maharajSwami Vishnu Tirth ji,Sh. Sh. devender Vigani ji,Pandit Harbanse Lal Sharma,madan_gautam


Shri deepak Yogi was born on Sept.4.1955. He did his graduation in commerce, Graduation in Law.

At the age of 20, one day He was reading GEETA and at the same time his old teacher Pandit Harbanse Lala Sharma came to his house and seeing Yogi Ji reading GEETA asked Him:

"Do you know about practical aspect of this Holy Book or mere reading it? You will get nothing by memorizing it by heart, but to understand it's depth/reality you needs to experiences, what Lord Krishna here telling to Arjuna."

Yogi ji replied at once that I am just reading it,but unable to understand the meaning of it.What is Yoga,who is a Yogi,what is Attma, and other things as written here are unfamiliar to me. I am in search of a person who can explain all these to me.By getting so innocent reply from Yogi ji,Pandit ji smiled and asked Him "Are you really serious to know all this practically and want to be a Yogi?" This was the turning point in the life of this young man and he agreed at once.

Pandit ji asked Him to come tomorrow after taking bath and with some flower and fruits & told nothing more. The whole night Yogi ji could not sleep and got up next day early in the morning and went to Pandit ji as per His directions. Pandit Ji asked Yogi ji to sit in front of him, close His eyes and repeat any favorite mantra .As soon as He closed His eyes, He started different inner experiences



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I bow to the lotus feet of my Guru Deva,who blessed me with the Divine blessings.

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If someone has already spiritual awakening due to punya karamas of previous births so someone needs only a chance to get such experiences,hence the MOTHER-NATURE play the role of GURU through academic