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Master Chrism, Chris Mitchell
Kundalini, tantric kundalini, kundalini awakening, tantra
Main Countries of Activity: 
United States, Canada, scotland
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Place of Birth: 
Zomara, California
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I was a private student of chrism. Everything led to sex, him asking me to come to his "ashram" trailer in California to have sex. He requested I masturbate on Skype with him, in addition to many other sexually based commands and orders. No he doesn't ask for money, but he does ask for everything else. It's a mind control, cording. Contracts, and attachments that he can access all parts of you at all times and build his own kundalini power by taking yours. He is an energy vampire that uses sacral power feed from. Lots of healing and clearing of his energies and taking back mine in recovery from this predator is still taking place for me years later. PLEASE FIND HELP ELSEWHERE


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Con Opinions


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I have witnessed extreme emotional abuse toward his students. I have been witness to the emotional aftermath of those who have been sexually exploited as they have confided in me.

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thank you for your honesty good work

Thank you for your honesty and good work

kactive_ethics | Fri, 05/25/2018 - 12:53