Chavah Aima

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Kundalini, Tantra, Advaita, Kabbalah
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Chavah Aima is a spiritual alchemist and yogini. She has mastered mystical and wisdom traditions of the west and the east. For nearly 30 years Chavah has shared the secrets of spiritual awakening, mentoring and teaching individuals and groups the time-honored practices of the yogi's, saints and masters with seekers around the world.

Chavah received initiation into eleven ancient, mystical lineages from the yogi, Prince Hirindra Singh. She has also been initiated into the inner order of the true Rosicrucians, mastering the mysteries of ancient Egypt and inheriting the secret teachings of the Masters Isis and Osiris, and Jesus and Mary Magdalene. She has also received initiatory transmissions in Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and Advaita.

Chavah trained in the Essene spiritual traditions with Reverend Russell Nees, the founder of Optimum Health Institute in Austin, Texas. She is an expert in holistic systems of personal development, mind-body healing and spiritual awakening.

She co-founded Enlightened Life Sanctuary with Prince Hirindra to serve as a universal temple of new consciousness, preserving highly effective methods for healing, self-realization and life mastery from their eastern and western lineages.



Trust your soul to lead you to the perfect life.

If you do not take your power, others will.

You are free in essence already and all that remains is to free your mind and body.

Surrender is the key that opens to liberation.

There is nothing more powerful than love, gratitude, compassion and trust.

Love more, think less. The only law is love. Do not ask for love; give it. Love is strengthened when we love those who are difficult to love.

There is nothing wrong with the world; the trouble lies in the way you look at it.

Go beyond judgment and observe everything with compassion. Do this in all circumstances, no matter how bad things may look.

The body is the vessel that carries your spirit through life. Plants and herbs are for food and medicine. Move from animal consciousness to higher consciousness by eating a plant-based diet.

Give up reliance on outer authority and have the courage to live from the true authority within you.

Only by becoming nothing do we become something.

Fear is power. Understand that power is present whenever fear arises. Choose to respond to the power, not the fear.



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Create a healthier, slimmer, more youthful body in 21 days with the amazing Living Light plan that blends the high-intensity nutrition and healing powers of a raw food diet with the ancient wisdom of Alchemy. Everything you need to heal and regenerate your body, mind, and soul is explained in Living Light, including buying and preparing raw foods, growing sprouts and grasses, internal cleansing, weekly menu plans, daily schedules, juice fasting, solar healing, alchemical meditation and yoga, and over 100 delicious raw and living food recipes. The secret key to the Living Light plan is Alchemy: the sacred science of self-transformation.