Cesar Teruel

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Cesar, César, Ceasar, Cizar, Sizar, Cesar Tiruel
Spiritual Teacher
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India, Russia, Ukraine
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Sri Ratan Lal - his master


Cesar Teruel was born in Venezuela to a wealthy family in 1969 and was profoundly interested in spirituality since childhood.

He had been leading a regular life that included working in the family business in Venezuela and having a wife and children when in 1998 he felt that he must persue his spiritual enquiry and decided to leave his wife and children and embark on a spiritual trip to India. There he met Sathya Sai Baba who sent him to Ramanaashramam - the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi in Tiruvannamalai. According to his account, there, in front of the statue of Ramana Maharshi, he experienced a deep and spontaneous shift in consciousness.

A few months later, returning to the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba, Caesar met Sri Ratan Lal, a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, and decided to stay with him and follow him as his teacher.

Sri Ratan Lal became his mentor and during this period with him, Sri Ratan Lal used to test and work on Cesar's ego and pride. As for example, he used to call him "stupid" and instruct him to rub his feets for hours.

According to Cesar, Sri Ratan Lal guided him to regain the same experience that he had in Ramana Maharshi Ashram through the question "Who am I?" or Self Enquiry. He says that after that his old sense of self based on identity with the body and the mind or personality vanished and he established his Self in his true nature, Consciousness.

He says that since then his sense of individuality gradually melted away until its ultimate extinction.

Since July 2005, after his teacher passed away, following his teacher’s request, Cesar has been conducting public Satsang six days a week in south India, both in Puttaparthy and Tiruvannamalai. He also travells to Europe and conducts satsangs there, mainly in East Europe.

In his satsangs, he shares his experience and knowledge with other seekers of truth, helping them to realize their true Self.

Cesar does not charge for attending his satsangs but strictly lives on donations only.

He does not belong to any religion and is not associated with any spiritual organization.


There is only awareness.

Everybody says ‘I am’ aware, therefore ‘I am’ means Awareness.

Whatever Awareness is conscious of is contained within itself.

Awareness and its content are one and the same.

Content is an expression or manifestation of Awareness.

Awareness is ever present, it always exists. It has no beginning and no end. So is its content, the manifestation.

The manifestation as an expression of Awareness is of the same essence as Awareness. Therefore it also has no beginning and no end.

There is neither unity nor separation. There is only Awareness!

There is no creator and creation. Awareness is both.

Unity and separation are ideas in Awareness.

‘I am the body’ is the first idea that appears in Awareness. All other ideas depend upon it.

The ‘I am the body’ idea appears when Awareness identifies with a particular form contained within it.

The ‘I am the body’ idea is the mind.

There is no mind separate from Awareness.

The first expression or manifestation of Awareness is consciousness.

When consciousness arises, Awareness recognizes its own existence.

This recognition is experienced as a sense of ‘Being’ or ‘I am’ feeling.

After Awareness becomes conscious of itself, it becomes conscious of its manifestation.

When awareness becomes conscious of its manifestation, it associates itself with it. From this identification the ‘I am’ feeling becomes the ‘I am the body’ idea.

After Awareness identifies itself with form, Awareness feels separate from itself and from the rest of the manifestation.

This sense of separation is the ego.



Satsangs Tiruvannamalai
Satsang Place
Vallalar Anandha Nilayam
Chengam Road,
Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu , India
NH 66 Pondicherry –Bangalore
+91-985 6640 7771
Contact Persons: 
Dominique Rosario

For more information about Tiruvannamalai see http://www.gurusfeet.com/guru/ramana-maharshi#tabset-4

From 26/1/2011 venue of satsangs changes to:

Top Green Guest House,
10/11 Bhagavan Nagar, Tiruvanamalai
(at the roof)

Daily Schedule & Opening Hours: 

From the 12th of January till the 25th of February
Monday-Friday (Saturday, Sunday - days off)

Morning 10.00 am -12.00 pm
English with russian translation

Evening 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm

When to Go: 

In winter season only (Nov-Mar), see http://www.gurusfeet.com/forum/weather-india#comment-42

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There is practically no etiquette at Cesar's satsangs, for good and for bad :-)
No need for registration in advance
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Pro Opinions

Unpretentious, outgoing and a ray of grace to anyone who meets him

yeshcheraz's picture

Been to a satsang of this chamo a few days ago in Tiru and since then attended his satsangs for 2 weeks.

I read and been to satsangs of many teachers in the past. This one is exceptional.

Pure, sincere and to the essence teacher

Tania's picture

He is amazing, if there anyone realized, he is the one. Words cannot convey this, just try him.