Canchupati Venkatarao Venkaswamy Rao

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Master C.V.V.
Veda, Brikta Rahita Tharaka Raja Yoga
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Kumbhakonam, Tamil Nadu, India
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Sri Mynampati Narasimhan, Master MN


Master CVV was born on 4th August, 1868 in Kumbhakonam (the name meaning "the Aquarian Angle"), the famous temple town of South India. His personality name was Canchupati Venkatarao Venkaswamy Rao.
In the world he was leading a normal life and involved in business activities. He was fluent in Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil and English. He was proficient in the Vedas and a musician of a high order.He was a very popular person in the town and served as the mayor of the town.

He was married at the age of 12 to Sow. Rukmini and had three sons and three daughters. His wife passed away when he was 36, and at 38 he married Smt. Venkamma, through whom he had three sons and a daughter.
At the same time Master CVV had a special mission to carry out for the speedier evolution of the Planetary Being and the beings of the planet as well. In 1910 he received from higher circles the Energy of Synthesis that visited him through Halley's Comet, enabling him to transmit the Aquarian energies to the planet and to the beings of the planet.

Therefore Master CVV is also regarded as the Avatar of Synthesis. He is said to be an incarnation of the sage Agastya, who is also known in the Theosophical circles as Master Jupiter, who resides in the Nilagiris or the Blue Mountains of South India.

He left the physical body on 12th March1922, exactly as predicted by him.


Master C.V.V. really lived and taught a full life of all-round development - "all round development". He advocated that sound is the key to salvation in the present age and gave out the Energy of Synthesis through the sound potency "C-V-V".

He gave out the most ancient wisdom of yoga to the modern age in the most suitable manner, embedding therein the energies that descended from higher circles.

  • He is the founder of Brikta Rahita Tharaka Raja Yoga, meaning, Raja Yoga that neutralises accumulated Karma. His goals are: To make groups of people transmitters of light and consciousness.
  • To purify the etheric and mental body of man with sound vibrations, by invoking of the sound key "Namaskarams Master CVV"
  • To heal diseases of man through this mantram and to prepare healthy etheric bodies
  • To awaken the kundalini in man, to coordinate it with the kundalini of others and to connect it with the cosmic kundalini.

    The meditation proposed by Master CVV:

  • To meditate on the state of the absolute being we are ourselves, where there is neither sound, colour, form, idea nor thoughts
  • To choose a fixed time for the daily meditation, best at an interval of 12 hours - 6 o'clock in the morning and evening
  • To utter 3 or 7 times the "OM" in a soft and uniform manner and listen to the sound
  • To visualise the Master and speak the sound key "Namaskarams Master CVV"
  • Thereafter to remain silent for 15 minutes and observe what is happening inside: "Dip Deep"
  • To observe how the thoughts emerge from us

    Thereby adjustments happen in the body and energy blockages are removed for a free circulation of prana energy: "repair work". It takes at least 15 minutes for the energy to spread through the body and to dynamise it.

    The World Teacher Trust works under the direct guidance of Master CVV for the human perfection.

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    The Aquarian Master

    by K. Parvathi Kumar


    This book speaks of a Master who anchored the New Age energy on the planet and in the solar system as well. At the beginning of the 20th century, this solar system (and our planet too) went through certain grand initiations, via Sirius. As a result there is a sea-change in life in and around the planet Earth. A Master steered the New Age energy - called "Energy of Synthesis" - from higher circles to that of the planetary circles. An attempt is made in this book to give a brief - though sketchy - account of his work and the teaching. Content: A Life of Splendour; The Energy of Synthesis; The Process; The Master Mechanic; The Healing Energy; The Yoga of the Master; Dhanishta Meditation; To Be Spiritual is Natural; Man and Wife; I AM; His Promise; Master and the Planets; The Hierarchy; The Aquarian Age; The Avatar of Synthesis; Life - A Joyful Journey; The Descent.