Bhagavan Narayana

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Valentin Mazlov, Валентин Мазлов
Spiritual Teacher
Krishna's Bhagavan Kriya
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Moscow, Russia
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Leo Tolstoy, Teal Scott


Bhagavan Narayana was born in Russia on 20/05/1960.

He claims that he is enlightened and that it happened on 22 June 1995 in Southfields, London.

He used to teach Kriya Yoga in England. Nowadays, he is teaching Bhagavan Kriya breathing in Moscow. He claims that it is an original Krishna's Bhagavan Kriya based on the Bhagavad Gita chapters 4-29


The concept of the genetic inheritance is a last frontier, which separates humankind from spiritual freedom. Being a human and be able to grasp the necessity and the bliss of being beyond reflexive thinking, will bring opportunity to look rationally at all your inherited reflexes. You must ask yourself why you are not aware of your breathing? At present, your mind is totally united with the inherited breathing reflex and you have no choice but to perceive yourself as a physical body.

The secret of Enlightenment is to separate your Self-awareness from your normal breathing! By doing De-Reflexation, Mentally Inhaling at the same time when Physically Exhaling and Mentally Exhaling at the same time when Physically Inhaling, you will extract the sense of Self from the body naturally. You will be reborn as a pure living light to love all forms of life unconditionally as your own. You will cease to see yourself separate from everyone else.
The real miracle of this technique is that after 1-2 months of practice it will become your new habit no longer guarded. Your state of Unlimited Bliss will be always present in you; your eternal identity, which was hiding from you, will be unconfined!

Conflict of Identity between
Body Awareness and Self-awareness.

An obvious difficulty in the practice of De-Reflexation is a temporary inability (pure lack of experience) to separate awareness of the physical body from Self-awareness or sense of pure Self.
The beginner will always expect a visible or noticible change in his or her sensory perception, and physical body, trying to entertain himself or herself, and so often will face a disappointment by observing that the body did not change. The senses of the body awareness - touch, smell, etc., in De-Reflexation will remain the same and will not be transformed into the Siddhi powers as promised at the end of Yoga Practice in Patanjali Sutra and Raja Yoga or by Paramahansa Yogananda or Babaji or the many others Yoga teachers in this world. You should not expect that you will be able to dissolve, shrink, expand, levitate etc., your body at will, by practicing De-Reflexation.
It must be very clear to all students that the normal body awareness and the sensory perception of the body will remain as it is at the beginning in the course of De-Reflexation.

But by neutralizing an Allelopathy of the mental and physical reflexes in your body, the sense of life in you will expand to the end of Universe and the meaning of sense of compassion and the direct experience of sense of compassion will be recognized as your real Self-Identity. The real meaning of that sense (of compassion) will come from your own experience of the unison with all Life.

Your Self-Identity will expand from within your body outwards into everything around in space and in time. You will become THAT ALL. By being 'THAT ALL', - the sense of compassion will start to express itself in you naturally. The Blissful state and absence of thinking process will also be stabilized in your Self-awareness together with the harmonized De-Reflexation breathing in the body in its body-awareness.



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