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Adi Sankaracharrya
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Barisal, Bangladesh
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The core and founder of IVS is Bhagavan. His deep love and concern for others inspired him to pioneer many social welfare activities, even as a child. His passionate quest for truth led him to the holy feet of his master Swami Pavitrandaji Maharaj, and through his teachings, Bhagavan sank into the depths of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, (realization of the Supream Self) in 1984, and Mahabhava (Supreme Godhood) in 1987. Since that time, Bhagavan has strived to help others attain a taste supream joy and love. The life and words of Bhagavan, through truth and love incarnate, offer a shelter for the tired and weary, who return home with peace, bliss, confidence, hope, and life.



Vedas imply knowledge. The Vedas are divided into two major parts. Firstly the Karma Kandya — the portion containing rituals and rites in the Vedas. Secondly the Jnana Kandya — the knowledge portion where the knowledge of the 'Self ' is elaborated. This later part is known as Upanishads or Vedanta.

Vedanta speaks about the real nature of our Self. It proclaims the oneness of ours with the Soul or Brahman which is of the nature of Existence, Knowledge and Bliss Absolute. But this nature of ours is veiled by ignorance and as a result of which we imagine ourselves to be finite, mortal and week. Realization of the Self which is the essence of Vedanta uproots all such limited and false imaginations of ours and introduces us with our absolute and infinite entity. Realization of this Supreme existence, Brahman or Self puts an end to all the ignorance thereby erasing our limitations, doubts, fears and weaknesses. 'Thou Art That.'


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