Bernie Prior

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Bernie Prior, realized Tantric Master, is widely recognised as a true spiritual visionary and seer of evolutionary consciousness in man and woman. Bernie has realized the depth of the Self and reached into the core of the Masculine and Feminine Divine Heart. Travelling the globe extensively, he speaks to audiences with penetrating clarity and passion about Truth, Love, Death, the true purpose of the attraction of the Masculine and Feminine and evolving humanity from the belief in separation to the understanding oneness.

Bernie Prior: "I am the Tantric master of Love and Truth, the master that man and woman can come to know within themselves. You come to me when you have had enough of worldly sex, the game that everyone plays until you are truly ready for radical true intimacy. This is the kind of intimacy that feeds the heart and soul of everyone. Sex isn’t just two people putting their bodies together for a good time. Sex is what drives the world, the world of problems, pain and separation from Source. When sex is transformed into Love we begin to reclaim our original identity. True integration of Being as Love then begins to illuminate our life."


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