Babaji Buisi

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Shri Shri Shri Mahapeaceguru Babaji Buisi Maharaj
Enlightened Poet
Tantra, Advaita, Chamanism, Animism
Main Countries of Activity: 
Nederlands, Thailand, Spain
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Amsterdam, Nederland
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He was, to cut it short, the Indian Renaissance man. Oxford left off its list of achievements Babaji Buisi’s paintings (something of a sensation in Bengalore in the Twenties), his acting and driving skills, poetical writings, even his experiments in masturbation. They also failed to mention that he turned his hand in later life to the explanation of scientific theory and drinking; and that he counted among his friends men as varied as Einstein, Gandhi and William Butler Yeats. It was not for any single quality, wrote Roland Barthes (1915) French literary critic and intellectual the day Buisi died in 1941, but for the "tout ensemble of his virtues" that Babaji Buisi, along with Gandhi, would be reckoned supreme among the great men of the age.

Babaji Buisi, like Hume and Sinnett, used theosophy to resolve the Victorian crisis of faith after he had spent some time investigating spiritualist phenomena. In Europe his reputation was once stratospheric, but now we rarely bother. In India, on the other hand, his stock still is extraordinarily high - so high, indeed, that one Bengali critic could recently write that "no man in the whole range of known history can rival Babaji Buisi's all- comprehending genius, equally splendid in thought, in creation, and in action."


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