Baba Surya

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Baba Margavasi Das, Baba Surya Das
Siddha Yoga
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Savannah, Georgia, USA
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Baba Surya is a yogi and teacher of meditation, and founder of the Dharmaloka Ashram in Camas, Washington. He is an independent practitioner and part of no sect or akhara, which is an ancient tradition among ascetics long before the time of Adi Shankara. He is a devotee of the Lord Shiva.

He was born in 1955 into a middle-class American family in the deep south where at the time religious or spiritual questioning was unheard of, he claims he knew from an early age that his path was different than those around him. A chance exposure to the Tao Te Ching solidified his desire and need for a wider vision and deeper understanding. Spending time alone in the forests around his home, while edifying and pleasant did little to increase his knowledge as he had no teacher other than his imagination and a natural inclination toward spiritual truths.

He entered adulthood with an artistic inclination and found employment as an artist for various companies and industries.

Throughout the years, he has undergone slow and deliberate study and meditation. He holds no claim to anything more than a sincere and deep introspection, no advanced learning, no special skills. He claims he is nothing but a vessel through which the divine might bring inspiration to seekers toward God-realization. To this end he practices various forms of yoga and offers darshan on occasion.

Baba Surya lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, is somewhat reclusive, but can be seen on occasion in the countryside near his ashram where he wanders widely.


Baba Surya's teaching is very simple. Seven to five thousand years of Sanatan Dharma has brought, in addition to great age and a luxurious tapestry of tradition, a complexity that was not envisioned by the early Rishis. God-realization is the real purpose of life. As this requires a deep and continual commitment, many people become lost in a self-created complexity as they wander farther and farther from Truth. Enlightenment is simple: through a one-pointedness of mind, the duality of life falls away and one realizes the Absolute Oneness of all things. Sitting quietly in meditation is the key, only that.


Mahadeva Ashram

This is a small ashram of Baba Surya, located in Camas, Washington, USA.