Asaramji Bapu

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Other Names and Nicknames: 
Aasumal Sirumalani, Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu, Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu, Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji, , Pujya Bapuji, Bapuji
Hinduism, Bhakti, Gyan, Yoga, Seva
Main Countries of Activity: 
India, UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Singapore
Date of Birth: 
17 April 1941
Place of Birth: 
Berani Village, Sindh Province of Un-Partitioned India
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Other Related Gurus: 
Ramanand Swami->Sant Kabir->Sant Kamaal->Daadu Deendayal->Swami Nishchaldas->Swami Keshavanand->Sai Leelashah->Pujya Bapuji


Endearingly called 'Bapuji', His Holiness is a Self-Realized Saint from India.

He was born in Berani village of the Nawab district in Sindh (Un-Partitioned India) on the sixth day of Chaitra month (Hindu Calendar), 17 April 1941 (Gregorian calendar), as Aasumal. His father was a wealthy businessman named Thaumal Sirumalani and his mother was Mehngeeba. He was named Asumal.

When Asumal was three years old the spiritual teacher of their family, Shri Parasuramji Maharaj, visited their house and professed that this boy Asumal is not an ordinary child & he will be a great saint and show light of spiritualism to people living in ignorance.

At a very young age Asumal lost his father and the family business started dwindling. Asumal had to discontinue his education and help in the family's business along with his elder brother.

After his father's demise Asumal increased the time for mediation and realized that God alone is one reality & essence of life. His concentration increased greatly due to regular, pure meditation and unknowingly all siddhis (mystical powers) attended upon him at the tender age of ten years. No one could stop the fire of renunciation that was enveloping him completely. As Asumal grew into youth his meditation and search for Truth intensified.

Asumal's growing detachment to the world worried his family and they decided to get him married.

After getting married, he decided one day to leave home and to wander for the search of god.

Asumal went from place to place and at nights slept on the grass, homeless and alone. He did intense spiritual practices in deep forests, on hills, in deep caves, in various great temples.

Asumal then went to Vrindavan, the land of Lord Krishna. Here he was inspired to goto the ashram of the Great Guru, Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj. He had to wait for 40 days in the Ashram to get the glimpse of Gurudev. There he stayed and served his Sadguru with true devotion.

From there Asumal reached Bombay (Mumbai) and met Gurudev Lila ShahJi Maharaj. On 2nd Day of Ashwin month in Samvat 2021 at 2.30pm in the afternoon Asumal was transformed into Sant Sri AsaramJi Bapu by the blessings of Sadgurudev Shri Lila ShahJi Maharaj. After this Asaramji went into samadhi for the next two and a half days.



Pujya Bapuji preaches the existence of One Supreme Conscious in every human being; be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or anyone else.

Pujya Bapuji represents a confluence of Bhakti Yoga, Gyan Yoga & Karma Yoga.


There are 300+ ashrams and 1200+ Shri Yoga Vedant Seva Samitis in India and all around the world working under the guidance of Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu. These ashrams adn samitis organise spiritual and social activities on a regular basis.
The main ashram is located in Ahmedbad, India.

Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram, Ahmedabad

Main Ashram of Pujya Bapuji

Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram
Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380005, India
Special Events: 

Uttarayan Shivir - Makar Sankranti
Chetichand Shivir- Chetichand
Gurupoornima Darshan- Gurupoornima
Deepawali Darshan- Diwali

Daily Schedule & Opening Hours: 

During Camps Morning 4AM to 11 PM
Generally- Mornining 7AM to 9PM

When to Go: 

When Pujya Bapuji are in Ahmedabad, Wednesdays, Sundays

Attractions, activities, and more to see: 

Pujya Bapuji's Programs, Dhyan Yoga Shivirs(Meditation Camp), Poornima Darshan, Vidyarthi Utthan Shivirs (Children Camps)weekly Satsang, Balsanskar Kendra (for childeren), Bhandara, Daridranarayan Seva, Bhajan karo dakshina paao (Do Bhajan get money), Satsang in Jail, Distribute food/clothes/utensils to needy, Distribute Brahmcharya book (Divya Prerna Prakaash) for youth.

White dress is preffered. Actor/actress style dresses are prohibited
No registration is required to come to ashram.


Prices and Fees: 
No enterance fees

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Pro Opinions

He is perfect

naveentirthani's picture

He is perfect for those who loves God, who want to realise self.

A true yogi, gyani, premi-bhakt.


navneet's picture

True Guru

Sant Shri Asaram ji Bapu is a great Guru. Crores of people have been benefited by His divine Satsang (discourses) and have transformed their lives.

Hari Om...

navneet | Sun, 12/28/2008 - 12:58
Mehesh's picture


mahesh ;;he is real guru in India.

Mehesh | Tue, 11/27/2012 - 19:39

True Guru

navneet's picture

Sant Shri Asaram ji Bapu is a great Guru. Crores of people have been benefited by His divine Satsang (discourses) and have transformed their lives.

Hari Om...

Shankar Sharma's picture


dont take it as critism but the fact is he is not a satguru,you can call him saint,he preches good in society.the defination of satguru is "nana panth jagat main nij nij gun gave sabka saar bata kar guru marag lave" you have written that he is in linage from kabir,but kabir was the perfect master of his time.full fill his words dont just say or write his name."guru ji ko kijiye dandwat pranamm keet na jane bharang ko guru karle aap samaan"satguru makes his deciple similar to him self knowledgable.

Shankar Sharma | Sat, 05/23/2009 - 09:46
Sheetanshu's picture

You are just giving the

You are just giving the theoretical definition of SatGuru, But crores of followers are experiencing the divinity of Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji bapu . Crores of people with pin-drop silence can never occurs with out experiences .

People do not visit only for discourses , discourses can be listened on TV , VCD or online , there is something else which is attracting people . Firstly investigate & then say anything about anyone. And a Guru can only say the greatness of Guru , we can only say little bit about HIM

For More Information visit :

Sheetanshu | Sun, 10/11/2009 - 17:40
Mahadev's picture

Beyond Truth

Don't try to measure Saint, Gurus by ur brain. They are not a subject to measure by our brains specifiely urs. I think u completely unknown from bapuji. First measure urself that how u r spiritually complete or true. I'm not going to arguing with u. You need to read Bapujis "Yuvadhan Suraksha" OR "Divya Prerana Prakash" Books. If u want this books just mail me on "". DON'T BOOKISH BE CONSCIOUS FOR VAIDIK SPIRITUAL WORLD

Mahadev | Thu, 12/31/2009 - 13:08

Con Opinions

naveentirthani's picture

What media says, i dont

What media says, i dont care, I have experience bliss in His vicinity. I believe in my experience, no one else.

and everyone knows nowadays media is totally biased.

naveentirthani | Sat, 05/23/2009 - 10:55

master story teller

santthosh kumaar's picture

how can a story teller can act like god men.

naveentirthani's picture

He just doesnt only tells

He just doesnt only tells story, he preaches us by giving examples. I have experienced practicality in His divine Satsangs.

naveentirthani | Sat, 05/23/2009 - 10:42
Sheetanshu's picture

First Come & Experiance HIS divinity

HE is not only a story teller , stories are just examples for proper understanding.
Visit Multimedia Section of following link , & know the Gyan , Bhakti , vedant , Yog by HIS divine discouses:

Sheetanshu | Sun, 10/11/2009 - 17:31
Nathyogi's picture

Re: He just doesnt only tells

Yes, he doesn't only tell stories but also participates in them well. Because of his examples he is in jail. Hope you don't follow his example.
"Do what Guru says but never what Guru does" is well applicable here.

Nathyogi | Tue, 08/05/2014 - 08:39
Vedanta00's picture

@ master story teller

Just like Swami Ram tirth, Aaddya Shankaracharya, Lord Buddha, Gyaan Dew and many more. First develop your understanding to discriminate between a self realized saint and a story teller.

Vedanta00 | Sat, 05/05/2012 - 05:58

mysterious deaths of two children of the Asaram Ashram-run gurukul

santthosh kumaar's picture

Expressindia » Story
Tantrik claims Asaram asked him to kill 6 using sorcery, government orders probe
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Express News Service
Posted: Aug 28, 2008 at 0150 hrs IST

himanshubio's picture

reply to snatosh kumar

mr kumar it sorry to inform you for your kind information .

1.. CID have given the clean chit to asharam many month ago

2 ..the tantrick who is claming that bapuji is contacted him for black magic is under arrest for many cases which are pending aginst him for many years for his cheeting to people from india and australia.
3.. a sting operation is done by a2z news in which this consperacy of tantick come out and and truth previl as always

4 plz dont trust media always 90% times they make the news to for TRP USE YOUR BRAIN ALSO YAAR

himanshubio | Mon, 05/30/2011 - 09:19
Nathyogi's picture

Hero's Role

However, false Gurus look for hero’s role
By maya, each is caste in a joker’s role.
Before God’s children, each is a talking doll,
A crane cannot become a swan whatever you cajole.

Salutations to the shoes of Guru Siddha Nath ***

Nathyogi | Tue, 08/05/2014 - 09:17

A Guru Goes According To His Karmas

Nathyogi's picture

Because of Asaram karmas or actions he is in jail.
The wise saying, "Like father; like son." proved in the case of his son. Everybody knows about this. I don't need to write here.