Anandmurti Gurumaa

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Fast Facts
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Gurumaa, आनंद मूर्ति गुरु माँ
Hinduism, Advaita, Sufi, Shakti
Main Countries of Activity: 
india, usa, uk, canada
Date of Birth: 
April 8, 1966
Place of Birth: 
Amritsar, Punjab State, India
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Other Related Gurus: 
lord shiva, guru nanak, devarishi narada, adi shankaracharya, meera, patanjali, rumi, krishna


Gurumaa was born on the 8th of April 1966 at Amritsar in Punjab, India.

As a child, her home was always being visited by spiritually evolved people.

When at the early age of fifteen, she went for a pilgrimage and was surrounded by admirers and seekers, it was not a surprise for the family. She travelled through her teens and by the age of twenty four settled down in Rishikesh in a hermitage.

Soon she was seen on television, which made her available to millions of viewers worldwide.

Afterwards,she established her ashram which until nowadays functions as the center of her activity for her devotees.


In Gurumaa's own words, If her teachings are to be summarized in one thing, it would be awareness.

Gurumaa also emphasizes the need for all seekers to free themselves from the outer garb of religion, asserting that we don't experience fulfillment because of our expectations. Enlightenment can only happen if one surrenders completely to the existence.

our relationship with God is rooted in expectations, which stops us from experiencing fulfillment. In the same manner, enlightenment will be denied to us as long as we long for it. It is only when we surrender the desire, that we will attain to it


Gurumaa Ashram

A beautiful ashram not far from Delhi.

G. T. Karnal Road,
Gannaur, district Sonepat, Haryana , India
Located 60km from Delhi on National Highway 1
Special Events: 

Youth Camp
For the youth of age from 12 to 24 years, to be held from June 25th to 28th in the ashram....

Special Camps On Bhagwad Geeta
Geeta Gyana Yagya Shivir 4 (4th to 8th June, 2008)
Geeta Gyana Yagya Shivir 5 (11th to 15th June, 2008)
Geeta Gyana Yagya Shivir 6 (18th to 22nd June, 2008)

When to Go: 

Gurumaa conducts meditation camps in the ashram, rishikesh (a holy place in India) and abroad throughout the year.

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Embodiment of Bliss!!!

fast_rizwaan's picture

When we go near to her or sit around her, we can feel her blissful energy, putting our minds into calmness.

Soul stirring Guru

subhash's picture

She speaks with such intensity that it penetrates through our hearts.Though I did not have an opportunity to be in Her august company , but whenever I hear HER I am transported to an other world full

Anandmurti Gurumaa

dineshrishi's picture

She says, 'A rose is born a rose, and need not do anything to be a rose.'

Jai mata di

Ekta Rudrani Mriganka Mata's picture

I love my Guru with all my heart ' this is a recomendation if your in to leaning about Bhahjis and sutras.