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Ameen was born in Israel in 1966 and growing up in the Israeli society his passion for freedom was awakened. Although Ameen was never interested in religion or spirituality, he lived unconsciously the life of a spiritual seeker. Even rather young he felt that life in Israel was too restrictive and aggressive. So he was rebellious and critical and his longing for freedom grew. At the age of 18 he was suffering from depression. At that time, being in loneliness and pain, the self began to show itself. Not really knowing what it was, Ameen continued his life. Many years later his longing for freedom guided him to Asia. While meditating in Osho’s Ashram his real self appeared again. In 1998 his personality dissolved completely and awakening happened. After years of integration and understanding Ameen started teaching. His way of human liberation, which he calls "guidance through awakening", is focussed on deepening of the silence and the development of clarity and understanding as a door to the now, the true self.

In Satsang and single sessions Ameen leads through the individual way of awakening and he shows the simplicity that freedom can be found by everyone if he lives a silent and honest life.

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