Alexander Smit

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Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Parabrahmadatta Sri Maharaj, Lex Smit
Spiritual Teacher
Advaita, Navnath Sampradaya
Main Countries of Activity: 
The Netherlands
Date of Birth: 
October 21, 1948
Place of Birth: 
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Date Left His/Her Body: 
June 20, 1998
Ancestor Gurus: 
Other Related Gurus: 
Wolter Keers


Alexander (Lex) Smit , also known as Parabrahmadatta Sri Maharaj was a Dutch spiritual teacher and a yoga teacher.

In the beginning of September 1978, a Dutch called Jacques Lewenstein had been in India and come back with the book 'I AM THAT' and tapes of Nisargadatta Maharaj. The book came into the hands of Wolter Keers, a known Dutch Advaita follower and teacher. Keers was very happy with the book because after the death of his spiritual master, Krishna Menon, he had not heard anything so purely advaita. After Keers had read the book he decided to translate and publish it. He then gave the book to Smit.

Extremely moved by the book, Smit decided to travel to India the same month in order to meet Nisargadatta Maharaj. His first meeting with Nisargadatta Maharaj was in that month of September 1978.

According to him, he he received from Maharaj his final instructions and also his spiritual name, Sri Parabrahmadatta Maharaj.

Later he returned to the Netherlands and continued his quest and under the wings of Wolter Keers, he soon gave his first satsangs. Smit's satsangs in Holland drew large numbers of attendees.


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by Alexander Smit


In our quest for the essence in life, interest seems to go out mainly to change and improvement, and many a one has the idea that, by striving for change, a real change may actually take place. But is that so? In the talks with Alexander Smit it is made very clear, that the very urge for self-improvement and change has become one of man's main obstacles for realizing his true nature. On the one hand, this urge is based on ideas and an idea can never contain the reality. On the other hand, self-improvement and the fixation on change are themselves causing man's inner conflict to continue. In the confrontation with a teacher who is not bound by ideas, it is possible to come to an immediate recognition of our original nature, as a result of which the manifestation, i.e. body, mind and feeling, may be accepted completely. Alexander Smit whose final guru was Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj, is deeply rooted in the age-old tradition called 'Advaita'(Non-duality), which has been transmitted from teacher to disciple. At first sight no specific, recognizable method seems to be imparted here - rather, any such method seems to be undermined. But on closer study the authentic Advaita appears to be there, as bright as a diamond. Only a truly original transmittance, not based on memory, can be a help in the realisation of the Authentic within ourselves. The present book 'Consciousness' contains a selection from the numerous talks in which the oral transmission of this Authentic or Original in man takes a central place.