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Ramachandra Bhat
Spiritual Teacher
Advaita Vedanta
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Ramachandra Bhat was born on 15th June 1916 after his parents had gone for a pilgrimage to Rameswaram. A silent person, he was consulted often for advice on various matters by his neighbors and friends. Extremely hard working and industrious, he was well versed in all aspects of rural life like, growing vegetables, animal husbandry of cattle, masonry with mud and laterite, in addition to the main job of Areca nut cultivation and paddy farming. He was married in due course and lived a normal ordinary life.

The Incident: At the outset we wish to state that presented below is the incident as we heard it from Ajja Himself on several occasions. There are many gaps and unanswered questions. We claim to have no answer or explanation for them. Many times Ajja said that those who would truly look within would get the answers. We present below the salient points without going into details. Some where in 1952 he was laid low by chest pain of unexplained origin. All his activities came to a grinding halt. However, instead of seeking succor from the pain he totally accepted it. All known rural procedures were tried but of no avail. At this time Ismail (Kunjappa) took care of him without knowing why he did so. It must be borne in mind that was conservative rural India where a high caste Brahmin would normally not mix with Muslim brethren. One day the pain itself vanished. He then got down to contemplate as to who felt the pain and who now had a sense of relief. It came to him that it was the mind which felt both of these. The next concept to be examined was what is the cause of bondage. It came to him that acts enjoined in the Karma kanda of the Vedas(done with motives and with a sense of doership) were the cause of bondage. To do these acts money is necessary. The next examination was the Root of money. A beautiful, naked female form materialized in front(blood dripping from its mouth), frightening and beautiful at the same time, and told him "I am Death, the root of money". The form then dissolved and left a door open in the firmament. That night he got down to Who am I and the outer senses became dead and leaving behind the gross and subtle bodies behind the life force in the causal body left through the door opened by Death earlier. He first entered the second zone where scores of being implored him to stay on, but guided by the guiding ones and propelled by the conjunction of divine forces he entered the third zone, an area of light, peace and tranquility. He beheld a plain Krishna climbing a hill on which sat Mahatma Gandhi in meditation. The plain Krishna changed into the Krishna with flute and then on to a Krishna with the Sudarshan Chakara. Seeing that the Ajna chakra of the subtle body of Ramchandra Bhat opened up. The causal body of Ramchandra Bhat merged into Krishna( Its story thus ended in Merger, aikya) and Mahatma Gandhi merged into Krishna from whom a ray of light entered the prone form of Ramchandra Bhat at the Ajna Chakra and reanimated it.

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