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Bro. Bill, Bill Lindley
Spiritual Teacher
Advaita, Christianity
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USA, Great Britain
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San Rafael, California, USA
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Ahimsananda was very isolated in Childhood, very shy. Spirituality became an avid interest in early childhood.

Co-founded "The Community of the Living Sacrifice" at Lincoln Cathedral, in Lincoln, England, in the 1980's. The community was a contemplative/active community that worked with troubled people of various kinds. The Community did work with ex prisoners, former psychiatric patients, and later with the Developmentally Disabled.

Discovered Advaita while in the Monastery, and upon returning to the USA, continued the "search", resulting in an awakening and the beginning of "Christian Advaita". The beginnings of Christian Advaita are laid out in his book: Community of One.

Lives with his partner of 43 years in New Mexico, where he has an internet outreach to the young on YouTube, and a Spiritual Channel on YouTube called "ChristianAdvaita".


The Teaching is simple: Love is your True Nature.

Ahimsananda struggled with the "transition" from Christianity to Advaita thought. For years he tried to find the reason he felt Love for a "God", or a "force", or "Absolute" that was essentially no different than the "self".

After years of struggle with this question, it was answered in a flash of mind and heart coming together in just the right degree to reveal the absence of a "me", the absence of a "God", and the presence of creative Love. That's it.

Put your mind and heart on the One without a second. Be that. Explore why you "feel" Love. Contemplate this. How can Love exist without two? Hold this in your heart and mind until you Become the answer.



Garfield, New Mexico

Pro Opinions

Bliss of Non-violence


Verbs can be converted into nouns, adjectives etc. and nouns, adverbs, adjectives etc. can be changed as verbs also; hence it is grammarian action as well as the activities of languages.

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Peace to you Nidhi Parkash,

Thanks so much for your increasing my understanding of the meaning of Ahimasa (Ahinssa). I think your explanation of the "love verb" is right to the point!
Thanks again,


Ahimsananda | Wed, 07/07/2010 - 17:41