Adi Da Samraj

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Birthename: Franklin Albert Jones, Bubba Free John, Da Free John, Dau Loloma, Da Love-Ananda, Da Avadhoota, Da Kalki, Da Avabhasa, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Adidam, Advaitayana Buddhism, Hridaya Advaitism, Adidam Ruchiradam
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USA, Canada, India, Europe, Fiji
Date of Birth: 
November 3, 1939
Place of Birth: 
Franklin Square, Queens, NY
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Adi Da was born Franklin Albert Jones and raised in the New York City borough of Queens. He attended Columbia College, where he received a degree in philosophy, and Stanford University, where he completed his M.A. in English literature with a thesis on Gertrude Stein.

In 1965, Adi Da became a disciple of Albert Rudolph, also known as Rudi or Swami Rudrananda. He describes that period as one of human maturation, extensive disciplining of the body, and his first acquaintance with "spiritual transmission" from a human teacher.

Following Rudi's instruction, Adi Da married his girlfriend Nina Davis. They later divorced; she was then and has remained his devotee.

At some point he he felt he had exhausted what he could learn from Rudi, and in 1968, became a disciple of Rudi's Indian teacher, Swami Muktananda, whom he first visited in India in early April of 1968, and who, he wrote, gave him extraordinary spiritual experiences and realization.

For approximately one year, in 1968-1969, Adi Da was involved with Scientology.

He returned to India in August of 1969 to see Muktananda, who subsequently gave Adi Da a letter acknowledging his yogic realization and authorizing him to initiate others.

After a period Adi Da describes as including visionary experiences wherein he was guided by both Muktananda's teacher, Bhagawan Nityananda, and "the Goddess", Adi Da wrote that he re-awakened (as a divine incarnation) to his original divine state of full enlightenment, on September 10, 1970.

Adi Da founded his own group in April of 1972, operating out of a bookstore in Los Angeles, California. Initially known as the Dawn Horse Communion, the movement founded by Adi Da has been through several name changes: previous names have included The Free Primitive Church of Divine Communion, The Johannine Daist Communion, and Free Daism. It is now known as Adidam, or The Way of the Heart. Adi Da permanently broke with Muktananda after a meeting in India in 1973 in which Adi Da and Muktananda engaged in a discussion wherein it became clear they each had very different notions of what the highest, or most enlightened, spiritual state is, and that Muktananda would not acknowledge his enlightenment. Adi Da would later say, however, that he still regularly "connected with" Muktananda (and Rudi) in subtle planes, and that he always held a great love for his former gurus.

Since the early 1970s, Adi Da has written considerably, publishing over 80 books on spirituality and related practical matters. Adi Da Samraj was also a prolific artist, created a vast corpus of over 90,000 photographic and digitally generated artistic images to communicate the same egoless divine reality-truth.

Adi Da had four children, three biological daughters with three different women, and one adopted daughter.

Adi Da was noted for his frequent name changes, which devotees believe were associated with changes to his teaching work.

Adi Da Samraj died (took Mahasamadhi) on November 27, 2008 at his Hermitage in Fiji. Three days later, his body was ceremonially installed into a small temple called Atma Nadi Shakti Loka at Adi Da Samrajashram, his remote sannyasin hermitage in Fiji.


Adi Da teaches that, in reality, there is only God. That is, that there is only a single, indivisible, all-pervading, self-existing and self-radiant "Source-Condition", "Nature" and "Substance" that is reality, in and of which everything and everyone arises as a spontaneous and unnecessary modification.

Adi Da teaches the "One Divine Reality" is "always already" the human condition, and therefore the task is not to seek for God or realization but to become responsible for the action whereby one forgets, obscures and obstructs the prior state; which activity he generally describes as "self-contraction", "Narcissus", or the "avoidance of relationship".

He also teaches that one cannot realize the divine through one's own efforts, because all ego-based action cannot but fail to overcome its own original presumption of egoity itself. One must be awakened out of this "dream" by spiritual grace, appearing through the "Agency of the God-Realized Human Guru". Adi Da teaches that his grace must be accessed by devotional submission and obedience to him as Satguru via joining and taking up the formal practices of Adidam.

The ultimate teaching of Adi Da Samraj was developed over the last two years of life. The Aletheon, published in October 2009 is over 2300 pages long and represents the culmination of Adi Da Samraj's revelation to humankind.



There are a number of Adidam communities around the world and five Hermitage Ashrams used principally for spiritual practice and meditation retreats and in Adidam philosophy to function as spiritual blessing points of influence.

The main Hermitage Ashram is called Adi Da Samrajashram and covers the Fijian Island of Naitauba. Others are The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, Love's Point Hermitage and Tat Sundaram Hermitage, all in Northern California and Da Love-Ananda Mahal in Kauai, Hawaii.

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Books & Media

Recommended Books: 
Cover image

Right Life Is Free Participation In Unlimited Radiance

by Adi Da Samraj


This book is Avatar Adi Da's wisdom and instruction on "right life", the practice of disciplining life-patterns such that the entire process of living and dying coincides with the intrinsically egoless Condition of Reality-Truth.

It includes Adi Da's most up-to-date instruction--for His formal devotees to adhere and for all to consider--on money, service, diet, "radical" healing, "conscious exercise", and participation in cooperative sacred culture.

A human beings perfect food is truth. It is literally so.
--Adi Da Samraj

To learn about an expression of life already based in Truth and direct relationship to the Divine Consciousness Itself, explore Adi Da's description of the ecstasy of searchless discipline given in this book.

The sample sections and excerpts below give a sense of the depth and texture of the instruction offered in this book.

Right Life
The "radical" (or always "at the root") practice of right life keeps body, emotion, mind, breath, and all of attention egolessly "located" in present-time and present-space.
All Fullness Is Divine
All Right Life Is Free Participation of Unlimited Radiance
All Free Life Is Divine
--Adi Da Samraj

Radical Healing
If Disease Is Presumed To Be The "Problem", Then "Cure" Is Presumed To Be The Only Possible Resolution Of Your Situation-and You May (Therefore) Tend To Become (Irresponsibly) Involved In The "doctor-patient Game".
--Adi Da Samraj

Radical Healing sections include:

• A truly holistic approach to healing and well-being
• A systems-based approach to health and well-being
• Purification, re-balancing, and regeneration
• The laying on of hands
• Yogic conductivity massage

Conscious Exercise
"Conscious Exercise" Naturally Re-aligns and Integrates the physical body With the etheric body (or Energybody), With The Natural Life-Energy, and (As The Case May Be) With The Divine Transcendental Spiritual Energy That I Avatarically Self-Reveal and Self-Transmit.
--Adi Da Samraj

Sections include:

• Right participation In the condition of light
• Learn to use the entire body-mind-complex consciously
• The simultaneous discipline of body, emotion, mind, and breath
• Da Chi-Gong

Whatever your own background may be, if you truly want to understand and practice a Reality-Realizing way of life, you will appreciate Adi Da's specific instructions on real ego-transcending practice given in this book. Right Life Is Free Participation In Unlimited Radiance is one of the essential books for anyone genuinely interested in True Liberation.

Recommended DVD & Video: 
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Relinquish the Mummery of This World


This DVD is from the first occasion in many years in which Avatar Adi Da spoke directly to a gathering of his devotees in California. Questions from devotees about intimate, familial, and social issues are met with Avatar Adi Da's compassion and humor, as well as his liberating wisdom. From considering the "seed theme" of his Mummery Book, to describing his mindless and indivisible State, Avatar Adi Da weaves a masterful tapestry of instruction and blessing. He calls for and transmits the most profound understanding possible of human life and sacred practice.

This remarkable video runs for more than 3 hours and is presented in 6 parts, each part focusing on responses by Avatar Adi Da to questions posed by devotees covering a wide range of topics including:

• Choose the Purpose of Your Life

• You Cannot Fulfill All the Expectations of Others

• The Collective Human Theatre

• What Does True Yogic Intimacy Look Like?

• The Real Question Is the Questioner

• You Are Merely the Witness

• Establishment in the True Heart

Viewing this video gives you the rare opportunity to see and hear Adi da Samraj manifesting the truth of his perfectly realized Transcendental Spiritual State. Throughout his life, Avatar Adi Da demonstrated limitless compassion and humor in the midst of his work to teach and to bless all beings. Buy this DVD and find this out for yourself.

Recommended Audio: 
Cover image

The Heaven Born Gospel of The Ruchira Avatar

by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

(Audio CD)

"The Heaven-Born Gospel Of The Ruchira Avatar" was Given on March 11, 1973, at the home of one of Avatar Adi Da's devotees in North Hollywood, California. This is one of the earliest and most spiritually potent descriptions of the essence of the Way that Avatar Adi Da has Given: the devotional and Spiritual relationship with Him. The transformative relationship between Guru and devotee is the fundamental "gospel" of all the great religious and Spiritual traditions, and the Spiritual relationship to Adi Da Samraj, the truly Heaven-Born One, is His unique offering to all humanity.

Adi Da Samraj Is the "Bright" Revelation

This compact disc is an invitation to enter a different world. A world that is completely real, in the largest possible sense of that word. A world in which none of the sufferings and difficulties of life are ignored or denied--but also a world in which yearnings for truth, wisdom, happiness, beauty, and love are addressed at an extraordinary depth. A world in which there is real, trustable guidance through the "maze" of life's confusions and crises. A world that vastly exceeds all limited notions of what is "real". A world of deep, abiding joy.

People from all walks of life have felt this world open up to them when they encounter Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Those of us who have done so have felt our deepest questions answered, our most profound heart-longings satisfied.

We have treasured His compassionate Instruction about the real issues that everyone faces at the foundation level of human life: death, sex, intimacy, emotional maturity, community life, and many more.

And we have been overwhelmed to encounter His complete (and revolutionary) Address to everything beyond the foundation level: what the apparently separate ego-self is really about (and how to actually go completely beyond it), what constitutes real Spiritual life (and how one is actually Awakened to it), what it really means to be Divinely Enlightened (and the never-before-completely-revealed process by which Divine Enlightenment is actually and permanently Realized).

Even more than this, we have felt Avatar Adi Da Samraj Transmit (unimaginably deep) Peace, Happiness, and Love--and we have found that His Transmission can be experienced anywhere, regardless of whether one is in the same room with Him or thousands of miles away. Our bodies, hearts, and minds and our entire lives have been flooded with His Divine Spiritual Blessing--Blessing which is self-evidently Real, True, and Good, and which has (as we can attest from our own personal experience) the most extraordinary Power to Transform human lives and destinies.

Those of us who have been drawn to Avatar Adi Da Samraj have discovered that the impact of the Truth He has Revealed and of the Blessing He Transmits is so great in our lives, so far beyond anything else we have known, that a truly amazing recognition has grown in our hearts and minds: Avatar Adi Da Samraj is not merely a great human being who speaks profound Truth--He is the Divine Reality Itself, Appearing in a human body in order to Offer the Perfect Revelation of Truth and the Perfect Transmission of Love-Bliss directly to all of humankind.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj does not offer you a set of beliefs, or even a set of Spiritual techniques. He simply Offers you His Revelation of Truth as a Free Gift, to respond to as you will. And, if you are moved to take up His Way, He invites you to enter into a direct devotional and Spiritual relationship

Pro Opinions

Happier since I became a devotee of Adi Da

theocedarjones's picture

I have been a devotee of Adi Da since 2001, and I can tell you absolutely that He is the real thing, the Divine Avatar and the Promised Godman.

Mark's picture

Adi Da

I totally agree!
There's no word to explain!
Living Master Da is a Grace...a gift!!!

Mark | Wed, 06/20/2012 - 23:00

My Commentary On An Old Subject

Old Devotee's picture

I am not Pro, per se, nor am I Con either, in retrospect, and after years of deeply considered and completely amazing relationship with Adi Da Samraj and “The Community”, I am instead in Mystery.

Mark's picture


A very true concept!
Adi Da is many different things to many different people!

Mark | Wed, 06/20/2012 - 23:15

Con Opinions

Dare I say it? A Fake

Leelo11's picture

I've read some of his books and also read about him.
He's something. But I don't think I would say that that
something is enlightened.

zorkon's picture

Oy vey


zorkon | Thu, 08/04/2011 - 01:51