Acharya Sri Prem Siddharthji

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Hinduism, Advaita
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Andra pradesh, India
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Parama Pujya SRI PREM SIDDHARTH ji is held in high regard as an excellent teacher of the Hindu Scriptures. As a spiritual teacher, he has expounded and discoursed extensively on the most sacred and highbrow topics of the Indian scriptures collectively referred to as Vedanta Shastra. All his talks help us realize the greatness of the Vedanta Shastra, which is the quintessence of the ennobling and endearing philosophy of the Upanisads. He founded ARSHA VIDYA VAHINI in his attempt to educate people about the nuances of Indian culture and traditions.

His lucid style and simplified commentary on various subjects like Upanisads, Bhagavadgeeta, Prakarana granthaas like Bhaja Govindam etc. have gained popularity with many spiritual seekers.

Pujya Swamiji is probably the first acharya, who introduced the Vedantic texts like Jeeva Yatra, Vedantasara etc., to the telugu speaking people by the way of his lectures on those texts. In the year 2007, he conducted a Maha Jnana Yagnam for 54 days (from 18th Jan. to 12th March, in the open air auditorium of city central library, chikkadpally) wherein he gave a series of 54 talks on the entire Bhagavadgeeta.

His teachings that were given in many public talks, seminars etc., and also on many television channels (Isavasyopanisad in MAA tv, Bhaja Govindam, Astavakra Geeta, Upadesa saram in ETV, Vivekachudamani in Z-telugu, Dhyanam in Saptagiri...) have enlightened a wide spectrum of seekers to explore the treasure trove of scriptural knowledge and also have been a source of positive influence for many in making their life a pleasurable experience.

His sadhana camps and retreats, wherein the participants are taught about the practical methods of Meditation etc., along with the scriptural teaching, have certainly helped many to cope with the stress and strain of balancing the taxing corporate responsibities with a fulfilling family life.

He regularly takes the classes on Vedanta and also teaches in jnana Yagnams, seminars and other programmes organised by Arsha Vidya Vahini. He also occasionally conducts exclusive Meditation camps, Personality development programmes.

Sri Prem Siddharth has also authored some books in the form of the commentary on the texts called Upadesasaram, Isavasyopanisad, Bhaja Govindam, Mahabharatam- Naveena dristi…are well appreciated for their clarity on those profound teachings.


Arsha Vidya Vahini:

The word ARSHA means that which belongs to the Rishis (risheh idam arsham) - the knowers of the ultimate truth called Brahman. VIDYA (yaa vimuktaye saa Vidya) means the wisdom that liberates one from the bondage of ignorance caused samsara and VAHINI refers to the river. Thus ARSHA VIDYA VAHINI means the perennial river of the sacred wisdom that flows from the Rishis in the form of GURU-SISHYA PARAMPARA. All this is depicted in the emblem of AVV. The Palm Leaf manuscript therein is PRAMANA SASTRA called Veda. In that is inscribed a Upanisadic statement “Vidyayaamrutamashnute”, which literally means that through wisdom one attains immortality. The Chinmudra(the hand in the teaching gesture) and flowers signify the Jnana and Karma, which

are primary and secondary means for Moksha. They also are symbolic for Guru-Sishya sampradayam (as chinmudra reminds us the Adiguru Sri Dakshinamurthy and the flowers stand for the full bloomed intellects of the mumukshus). All these are seen against a background of OM, which is SACCHIDANANDANMADVAYAM BRAHMA.

Founded by Parama Pujya Sri Sri Sri Prem Siddharth ji , Arsha Vidya Vahini is an organisation exclusively dedicated for the promotion and propagation of the scriptural knowledge, especially Vedanta sastra, which is also known as the Moksha Sastra. With the constant efforts of the dedicated students of sastra, Arsha Vidya Vahini endeavours to provide an opportunity to the aspirants to understand the ageless wisdom of upanisads and the practical means that bestow the appropriate qualification for such study. For this, AVV organises classes on Advaita Vedanta and meditation on regular basis. To benefit these aspirants there are also occasional classes for learning Sanskrit and Vedic chanting.

AVV’s various activities at present are:

1. Conducting JNANA YAGNAMS ( Lecture camps, Seminars, and Workshops to facilitate an understanding of the Sastra)


3. Running VEDANTA ADYAYANA MANDALI (regular classes for a deeper understanding of standard and classical texts of Advaita Vedanta)

4. Publishing and free distribution of spiritual literature.

AVV has plans of expanding its activities in terms of Dharma Prachara by the way of organising Dharma Sabha etc. In the Coming near future AVV is planning to conduct some special programmes for youth and children to make them aware of the uniqueness and the validity of our culture in this modern age and thus make them realise that our Vaidika dharma has so much to offer for an all-round growth of the individual.



Arsha Vidya Vahini
Arsha Vidya Vahini
28/7, Dena Bank Qtrs., Green Hills colony, Near Astalakshmi Temple, Saroor Nagar,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500035, India
Voice : +91 - 40 - 65132111, Cell : +91 - 0 - 9849999856

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Is It Arshya Dharma?

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From the biography and teachings:
1. Shri Prem Siddharthji is without a Guru for nothing is mentioned about his Guru.
2. If a nigura talks of Guru-sishya Parampara, only fools believe and follow.

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Is It Arshya Dharma?

Hari hi om sri gurubhyo namha , hari hi om

Mahabharata Jnana Yagnam 2018 Begins!!
The advent of the propitious Uttaraayana ushered in the 3rd Mahabharata Jnana Yagnam that commenced on 15th January at Sujatha High School, Hyderabad in the presence of His Holiness Sri Ramaswarupananda ji Maharaj, the Pujya Gurudeva of our beloved Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji.
Celebrating this most fortunate occasion, The Guru & Grantha were offered traditional Purna Kumbha and Chatra Seva Swagatam by the disciples accompanied by Vedic chants as Smt. & Sri Bhupal Reddy carried the Mahabharata Grantha and placed it at the altar. The Jyoti Prajwalanam by H.H. Sri Guru Maharaj ji marked the beginning of the Jnana Yagnam. Puja was offered to Lord Sri Krishna & Sri Mahabharata ji followed by the invocation to Goddess Saraswati by sisters - Sreenitya and Poorvaja.
H.H Sri Guru Maharaj ji blessed the sadhakas with His Anugraha Bhashanam as He explained the significance of Mahabharata being the Panchama Veda that is essential for this day and age.

moorthyovsn | Sun, 04/29/2018 - 10:48