Acharya Shri Jeetmal

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Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Jaya, Jayacharya
Shwetamber Terapanrh, Jainism, Mahavira
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Place of Birth: 
Rayat, Rajasthan
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Acharya Shri Jeetmalji the fourth Acharya of the Terapanth Sect was a genius in the Jain tradition. In all his creative work he will end with his nick name Jaya. He was born on the fourteenth day of the bright Lunar month of asvin Vikram Samvat 1860 His father & mother were named Adinaji and Kalliji respectively. He was by subcaste Golcha Oswal. He decided to get himself initiated into the asceticism as an early of seven years.

He was consecrated on the seventh day of the dark lunar month of Vikram Samvat 1869 by Yuvacharya Raichandji under the orders of Acharya Bharimalji. At that time he was running in the tenth year of his age, his elder brother Swarupchandji swami too was consecrated on the ninth day of the bright Lunar month of posa in the same year. His mother Kaluji and the second elder brother Bhamarajaji were initiated just after one month of the initiation of Jayacharya, Thus his entire family became dedicated to Terapanth.

Jayacharya has received his early education under Muni Hemaraja ji. He was very fortunate to share a dip at the confluence of three sacred rivers namely the fountain of intellect in Bharimalji consecration by Rishiraj and Muni Hemaraja ji, who is renowned for the knowledge of Agamas.

Jayacharyaji was from the way beginning a stead fast ascetic and a brilliant saint. One of his opponents, seeing his intellect at his tender age of fourteen once for at least one hundred years. Rishiraj knowing the potentialities of Jayacharya he was installed as Yuvacharya in Vikram Samvat 1894, and later on he became Acharya of the Terapanth Sect on the full moon day in the month of Magha Vikram Samvat 1908.

During the Acharyaship of Jayacharyas Terapanth dharma Sangha was stepping in the second century of his existence. That was a period when we were undergoing a change. The setup of Terapanth required a reform Jayacharya introduced several new set of administrative reforms. Socialism is much talked about these days but Jayacharya had given a socialistic outlook to the sect a century ago by establishment the norm of equal distribution. He not only distributed the books, materials or labour equally but also divided the groups of male and female ascetics equitable. In those days the number of supporting monks & nuns were not equally distributed. Jayacharya has psychologically prepared each one to accept the new norms and gave a practical shape.
This setup in today's language is called ‘Jayacharyas revolution'. He set up new ambits for Sangh to prosperous and remain united. Acharya was not only an able administrator, constitutional authority a psychologist, he was a renowned literary figure. He was borne poet. He created a piece of Santagunamala just at the age of eleven years and translated a serious work i.e. Pannavana in Rajasthani Language at the age of nineteen, thereafter he created a fountain of literature. His entitled Bhagavati ki Jod a Rajasthani translation of the fifth part of bharati considered to be the voliminious piece of work in Rasthan literature. He has not only written the comments of agams in veds but has made numerous independent comments at various places on the basis of his experiences. He wrote on the various topics of philosophy, meditation, stanzas, grammer, law observance and talk of his experiences accompanying over three Lac verses.

A major part of Jayacharya's literature was directed on the ideas of Acharya Bhikshu. He was totally dedicated to the philosophy of Acharya Bhikshu. He can be called a great exegeties of Acharya Bhikshu. He was absorbed so much so that philosophy of Acharya's Bhikshu's life that he began to be recognized as second Bhikshu.
Jayacharya was a veracious reader of scriptures. He had committed to memory thousands of verses of agamas he used to fully concentrate and devote his time in the studies of scriptures, meditation, reflections of self and service to literature. He was deeply conversant with agams so much so that he used to relate any topic with a large number of references from Agams.
Jayacharya's had great personalities emboded several potentialities at the same time. He had served as Acharya for thirty years. During his period he provided a solid foundation to the tradition of Acharya Shri Bhikshu. He has initiated a total of 105 males and 224 females ascetics during his tenure of Acharyaship. On the twelth dark lunar month of Bhadrapada Vikram Samvat 1938 he attained to an auspicious death.



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