Acharya Shree Shankar

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Fast Facts
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Guru Prasad Sharma, Avatar Shankar, Bhagwan Shankar, Shree Shankara
Zen, Advaita, Tantra, Hatha Yoga, Dhyana
Main Countries of Activity: 
India, France, Greece, Hungary
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Bangalore, India
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Guru Prasad Sharma, now known as Acharya Shree Shankar, a mystic philosopher and spiritual master was born on 14th November 1986 in Bangalore City of India to a Hindu Priest Family.

It is said that he was a gifted child who had interest in holy scriptures at the early age of 8 and that he was a meditative person from age of 5, testing new meditation techniques from childhood. His Upanayana (thread ceremony ritual) took place at the age of 8 and continued his Vedic studies under his grandfather.

It was when he was 12 years old that he underwent a serious accident in which he was the lone survivor. This accident changed his life for the first time. He was disappointed of losing so many of his close friends in the school and started questioning people on death and birth. He started rebelling and questioning scriptural meaning of life which lead to his first step of being a public speaker.

He won first prize at state level debate competition on philosophy at the age of 17. He lost his sibling at the age of 18 and this intensified his reasoning of cycles of birth and death, God and soul.

He started studying engineering and in between left for the Himalayas for a spiritual quest. There he stayed in Rishikesh (Foot Hills of Himalayas) and met many yogis which made his journey simpler.

He then spent 3 years in the mountains alone performing Shambhavi Mudra Dhyana. He claims to had attained enlightenment on 30th October 2008.

He returned back to Bangalore and held his first public Chakra Mudra meditation and Kundalini Meditation. He introduced new meditation techniques including the Emotion Therapies and also Aum Meditation. He has traveled to 45 cities in India conducting meditation camps and public discourses. He also visited Greece, France, Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia & Spain to conduct meditation Camps and seminars.

He continues to conduct camps in several cities and delivers public discourses on almost all the subjects of human consciousness.


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