Acharya Prafulla Thakur

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Prabhu Nityananda Follower Abadhut Sampraday
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Kinkorbati, Hoogly, India
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Maha Baishnabacharya Prafulla Thakur, the spiritual leader, was born on 8th February 1900 (APX) at Kinkorbati,Hoogly. His father was Nirodh Baran Chakraborty and his mother Swaraswati Devi.

Prafulla Thakur was an employee of Howrah Goods. In his early life Prafulla got mantra dikhsha from a direct disciple of Sri Maa Sarada Devi.Pafulla had also found Motilal Thakur as his Yogi Guru. Motilal thakur was the YogShisha of Rishi Arabinda. He was the founder of Prabartak Sangha (Situated at Chandandannagar).

By getting a guru like Motilal thakur, Prafulla devoted himself completely into the spiritual life. After Completing his yoga sadhana, Prafulla learned Baishnab sadhana and Baishnab Tantra from Nandadulal Babaji of Paramanadapur and guru of Nandadulal Babaji.

In 1932 Prafulla Thakur was selected as the Mahanta Maharaj of Kadamtala Ashram, Kinkorbai Hoogly. Nandadual babaji was nominated as the President of Kadamtala Ashram.

Acharya Prafulla Thakur had devoted his entire life in Krishna Bhakhti.

In the second week of 1972, he got the ultimate level of spiritual life, Brahmasamadhi. The Samadhi Mandir of this great Maha Yogi is situated beside Gobinda Mandira, Kadamtala Ashram.


Some Quotes of The Great Master:
" Gobindor icchar Birodhe gacher ekta patao nore na" -- Without Concern of God nothing can be happen.
" Kadamtalae Bajae Bansi Sei je Amar Elokeshi"----- The Parama Brahma and Mahasakti is One.
" Tomar Vabna Tini Vabben Tumi Vabo Tanke"---- If you think of only God then God will think for you It means Need complete Dependency on Supreme Power



Gobinda Mandir, Kadamtala Ashram

Kadamtala Ashram Situated on the bank Eastern Side of the Kana River. It was establish in 1932 by some villagers of Kinkorbati of Gopinathpur. Acharya prafulla Thakur was Selected Mahanta Maharaj from this time and Nandadulal Babaji was nominated President af this Ashram. The Gobinda Mandir was under the Juridiction,Bandipur Pargana,P-s:Haripal,Dist:Hoogly,West Bengal,India.
Now a days Sri Sri Achraya Prafulla Thakur's Samadhi Mandir errected by his followers southeren side of Gobinda Mandiram. Now a days Srimat Swami NigamatmaNanda Puri is honored as the President of Gobinda Mandir,Kadamtala ashram.
We are the Followers of Acharya Prafulla Thakur and Swami Nigamatma Nanda Puri Maharaj are use to gather at the evening time and involved in Harinam Sankirtan that has been occoured everyday.

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Swami Nigamatma Nanda Puri/Medhas Chakraborty