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Advaita, Shaivism, Yoga
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The Netherlands
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The Netherlands
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Aadyananda is a yogi and a mystic with a vision of a peaceful and spiritually educated world. To reach out with this message he has founded the Dhara Yoga Institute.

With his extensive knowledge of the Vedic tradition and his profound understandig of the different disciplines of Yoga: Jnana (knowledge), Kriya (energy) and Karma (action) he takes yoga beyond the physical aspect (Hatha yoga) that has been the focus of Yoga in the West for far too long.

With insight and humor Aadyananda has created tools to empower individuals and to transform them from within, to live up to their highest potential and to take their own destiny into their hands. His mission is to dispel the darkness that we have been wandering in for so long. Not by magical mumbo-jumbo but simply by assisting you in making this shift in perception so you too will be able to bring light to every little corner in the universe. Aadyananda is available to everyone,regardless of religion, colour or sex.


What is Dhara Yoga? It's an simple and to use Vedic technique, now accessable to everyone.
No need to tie your body into impossible knots or to do intensive hourlong workouts several times a day. The Dhara Kriya will take no more than 20 minutes of your time.

The very core of Dhara Yoga is the Dhara Kriya practice that uses a combination of breathing and movement to break through the ressistant layers our body and mind have created and that prevent us to see our True Self, the way it is: Loving, Blissful and at Peace...

In the additional programmes of Dhara Yoga, Aadyananda invites you to deepen your sense of Self, to come ever so close to your true potential with the monthly Satsangs given from his home. The function of doing Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) is to dissolve everything that is blocking you and to experience Oneness and Transcendence in its fullest... AUM!


Dhara Yoga Institute
Satsang Place
Dhara Yoga Institute
Dordrecht, 3311RN, The Netherlands
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Monthly Satsangs, In English and Dutch.
Next Satsang: December 16th, 2012 at 8.00PM

Please ALWAYS contact us before attending a Satsang. Please register by sending us an email.
Prices and Fees: 
for Satsang there is no charge. However it is recommended to donate whatever is in your possibilties for the many charities DYI supports. Recommended donation EUR. 10-20.