Bless Us

Blessings, charms, good-luck mantras, powerful spells, magical positive wishes...

Please kindly shower us with the benefits of your powerful energetic abilities and bless our community, community members, this website and yourself.

It's important to us, we thank you wholeheartedly!

I bless this site should grow and propigate the word of God and Love.

Aum Mani Padme Hum

May the divine bless you and everyone with divine love and grace....

blessings to you for the oneness created here on this ground
may all beings be happy and free from any kind of suffering

Hello and thank you for the nice website to connect with all lovely people out there.


Namaste Guru's feet!
It's so wonderful what You're doing!
So precious that You made a place where peole can find a bit of love...
..lots of bless, love & peace..
Laevinia Love

May GOD bless this spiritual place and all its members...


May the lord bless every wonderful soul who create and visit this beautiful website…

om sai shri sai jai jai sai.

Sai bless all of you with peace

Sai ki Jai!

Joyous blessings of prosperity, love, and peace to all who read this!

May Rajadhi Raja Jogi Raja Samartha Sadguru Parabrahma Sai Nath Maharaj shower His blessings all who are making this possible. Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai is the chanting mantra for Universal Peace.

blessings to all spacialy thanks to sh yogi madan gautam ji

blessings to all, starting from the one who created the concept of this website to all members who are making it interesting by participating in it. May god bless you.

Good Job

Much more blessings,may your team get success in all your sacred missions.
All my blessings to you people with all my Lineage Sidhha GURUS.
Much peace,light & love.

Sai Ram. May SADGURU SAI bless you and your efforts!

Sai Ram is a wonderful greeting, a mantra and a blessing!


i prostrate for the eternal tradition of guru's, prophets and sorcerers.

Bless the servant.

May the Shia achieve their victory

Guru Om

Inshallah all religious and spiritual people, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and others, unite and leave all the nonsense fighting on the "ownership of god" that has polluted the energy of our planet so much.

Inshallah that from being the main reason for all the wars in history, religions will become the vital force for world tranquility and brotherhood.

Inshallah that will continue to provide this important means for this unity of spiritual people around the world.

I bless this website with the everlasting presence of all the gurus honored here in the listings.

Hey there, great work! Hopefully people from different religions and sects will ultimately see that there is no much difference between them and will turn there fear into love to each other.

Hey dears,

Amazing guru listing and cool online temple! Both first of their kind I have seen on the net!