Your duties to the Divine Government

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Your duties to the Divine Government

When the government forgets its duty to propagate the spiritual knowledge and devotion, the responsibility falls finally on the underlying ultimate government of which the Lord is the head. Therefore, the Lord comes down in human form to propagate this spiritual knowledge and devotion. The Lord also collects some tax from you for His mission. He has already given some facilities to you, like human birth, longevity, health, wealth etc. The human government collects taxes without caring for your problems. But the Lord asks for tax from all of you, but this tax is only the time, energy or work and money, which you waste in illusory entertainments. You can do the sacrifice of your work (Karma Sanyasa) or the sacrifice of the fruit of work (Karmaphala Tyaga) or both according to your convenience. The liberated souls sacrifice fully, which is impossible for all others and such liberated souls are blessed by the Lord to be His constant associates, which is the permanent result. The former case is Pravritti [partial sacrifice] and the latter case is Nivritti [complete sacrifice]. One should keep Nivritti as the ultimate aim.

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Except maybe in Iran, no government has the a duty nor intention to propagate spiritual knowledge and devotion. It is not part of a government's mandate and let's keep it that way - let them focus on the matters that anyway they do not do enough: welfare, education, defense and diplomacy.

Except of that, it is a nice allegory but I don't think god needs to come down in human form to do its job. I hope it has more efficient methods like delegating the work, outsourcing, employing contractors etc.

Annie | Wed, 12/31/2008 - 17:19
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the concept of avatar

Still the concept of avatar exists and is reported by some high profile spiritual figures. One of them is Meher Baba which I personally have a lot of trust in and love towards.

Bare in mind that as words cannot even come closer to truth, concepts are just approximations. Whether it is "god" that takes a human form or an extension of "god" or a delegate is not that important as all these are just expressions pointing to something that we cannot comprehend with words-based mind. Anyway, "god" by nature must be absolute so it neither of these options and all of themat the same time.

solo | Sat, 01/03/2009 - 20:46
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The Avatar, delegate, extension is happening within God and are not other than God, same as a tree or a rock. It's useful to get away from the notion that God is 'other than' something or that something/someone is more God than something else. From the perspective of all being God, then we can discriminate Truth from illusion without elevating or degrading any of it. It is all what You are/I am.

Phroggy | Sat, 01/03/2009 - 21:25
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His Grace

His existence is always there in Human Form like Sadguru Saibaba of Shirdi, whose manifestation is felt even now by His children 90 years after His attaining Mahasamadhi.

csaibaba | Fri, 01/16/2009 - 09:20