young and feel alone since i started my spiritual path

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i have grown up on a council estate (inner city) all my life and spirituality isnt a thing that someone would ever talk about round here unless its about a fortune teller . which my mam gets overly excited about and hangs on every word they say.

But basically im left feeling alone and socially stuck!

i have noone to talk about these things and noone i really want to converse with because im not interested in small talk at the moment and people arent really interested in what i have to say neither .

im 22 years old i find that most people my age want to go out get drunk and continue the week working and that is fair enough but itd be nice to find someone i can discuss meditation and spiritual matters with . even when it comes to dating ive kind of lost interest because its no longer a game i can play i feel like im been phony and false . but this is quite distressing in a way because i feel so far from happiness at times .

i was just wondering if any other people have similar sort of story or if they find they are feeling lonely and kind of cut off from there society ?

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My 20+ years of spiritual searching has been a solo journey. There were times I felt different from everyone, but I came to see this difference as more of a blessing than a curse. I felt privileged to have been guided by the teachings of so many wise men and women and felt compassion for those who were not as fortunate and could not escape their suffering. I trust you can find in yourself that which others cannot give you.


Yonko | Sun, 04/03/2011 - 20:04