Yoni Puja

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It is believed that when Eastern countries like India and China had reached their peak of civilization, Western countries still had people living in the caves. We are far ahead of our times and it is pathetic to see our people falling in the trap of Western influence without even taking an attempt to understand what Indian values really meant!
India attributed anything and everything to the God/Divine. Right from sex workers to the first night, everything was made divine. The most beautiful woman of the society was made Deva Dasi (servant of God), and prostitution was made divine. Same way, the first sexual intercourse between a man and a woman was made divine by calling it Shanti Muhurta. Even today, the first-night room is decorated with flowers, incense sticks, and all that is used in puja in a temple. Ever wondered what job coconut, sandal and kumkum had to do in a room where a newly wed couple is having sex?There are various ways to get enlightened and Tantrik Sex is one of them rarely used today. Most saints are aware of this technique, but refuse to talk about it as the moment they talk about SEX they are termed as fake.
Pre-requisite before you start experimenting with Tantrik Sex!Both the partners should be equally ready for the act.
*Both the partners should be believers of God, and should spend a lot of time in meditation together. This will help you in equating your body energy level.
*No amount of cheating or lies is allowed.
*Both the partners should be free from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases.
*Remember you are going to communicate on the soul level, hence better to avoid strangers as partners.
*Both partners should not have any kind of inhibition for sex, sexual position and sexual fantasy.
*Have patience don’t hurry. It is a very slow and steady process, any kind of urgency might even lead to insanity.
Three Important Steps of Tantrik Sex!
Linga Puja
In Sanskrit Linga means penis, and am sure you understand what Shiva Linga means now. In fact, Shiva and Parvati invented the whole of Kama Sutra positions over a period of time, which helped them reach the highest level of consciousness.
Yoni in Sanskrit means woman’s genitals, and the man should do a similar puja to Yoni as done during the Linga puja. The puja should involve all that rituals that is done in a real puja in any temple.