Yoga Vs Meditation

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Hi everyone.I have recently started doing yoga (pranayama) as taught by Baba Ramdev.I have found it quite helpful in the way that while doing pranayama exercises i get to a stage where i find myself to be at peace.It happens everytime i do pranayama whereas it isnt the case with other traditional meditation techniques.During meditation my mind keeps wandering most of the time.But during pranayama mind's wandering stops to a great extent.Your comments are most welcome and appreciated.Thanks

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Who said mind has to be calm during meditation?

Dear, this is exactly the purpose of pranayama: to pacify your mind so that you could meditate.

But who said mind has to be calm during meditation? This is a distortion of the New Age approach/

Bear in mind that you can and better meditate also when your mind is agitated. You do so by not trying to fight the mind but by watching its stream of thoughts, just watch it and do not resist it or label it as bad, at some point the mind will calm down by itself, by the way.

The agitation of the mind when you try to meditate is a natural thing, this is the nature of the mind, when there is a space due to the meditation then the mind brings up things from the subconscious. Observing them is the most important thing in meditation, not the peacefulness.

suzi | Mon, 12/13/2010 - 18:27
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Hardest Thing

I am with you on the opinion that i should not fight the mind and should just watch.But for me it is the hardest thing to do i.e. to observe mind.I wish there was easier way to do it.

leo75 | Wed, 12/22/2010 - 09:16
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For everybody its the hardest thing to do. You just sit for meditation and observe your thoughts but yes, dont flow with the thoughts, whenever you feel that you are getting flowed with them then again try to concentrate oon your breathe but dnt get flow with them, and with the time and practice you will see that slowly slowly your thoughts will fade away.
Anuj Sharma

Anuj Sharma | Fri, 06/10/2011 - 10:37
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That is one way of meditation. There are hundred more. The point is what is the purpose for you are trying the are doing it for the peace of your mind and you have achieved it,it's it. may be it will reveal something more to you or may be you will start asking something more from yourself.That day you will need to learn some thing more.

Shailendra | Tue, 12/21/2010 - 15:28
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Of course there are many more techniques.But my main concern is to attain peace by it and if it reveals something more to me that would be a great bonus.Cheers!!!

leo75 | Wed, 12/22/2010 - 09:20
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Thoughtless state is a

Thoughtless state is a beginning point of Meditation. Meditation is an inward journey, journey from gross to the subtle. It is not possible to connect with the Divine as long as we identify ourselves as a body (with thoughts, emotions and perceptions at the surface of mind). We have to realize ourselves as a pure soul to get connected to the Universal Consciousness.

Meditation means to forget our physical existence completely and become one with the Universal Consciousness. At such a time we experience the pure joy as universal energy starts flowing within. Just as words are insufficient to describe the scents of flowers in the same way the experience of this eternal joy cannot be expressed through words.

Samarpan Meditation is a practice which unites us with the Universal Energy, with pure wish you will experience the awakening of Kundalini Energy the part of divine that is in each one of us, then connecting our awakened Divine energy within, with Universal Divine Consciousness we experience the divinity and process of inner transformation begins.

kumarmalde | Thu, 12/23/2010 - 04:19
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Meditation chakras

You are right, Pranayama is the best way for our health becouse regular Pranayama maintains the body healthful and fit and mind fresh and resolute.
You should also try the Asanas and Meditation chakras.

aalia | Sat, 09/15/2012 - 06:01
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Yoga is a unique method of meditation.Yoga and meditation are Hinduism's unique gift to the world.Meditation is one of the Five Principles of Yoga and yoga is a form of exercise, meditation, and restorative breathing. When practiced regularly, it brings unity to the mind, body and spirit.

neiladvani89 | Wed, 02/13/2013 - 04:51
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yoga and meditation

namaskaar all !

so rich discussion..

have very little to contribute, as my self is in struggling phase with so many doubts out of traditional Indian conditioned upbringing..

what i feel is, these two things are complimentry to each other..

as yoga starts from our body and leads us to meditative state of mind,
meditation can lead us from conscious to super-conscious..

so seemingly they are steps of same ladder !

krishnad | Sun, 04/14/2013 - 13:52