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Indian Yoga
Those activities can keep our body healthy and ,prevent from the illness are called yoga.Yoga Asana Bring stability in the body and mind .
By the help of Yoga we can develop the ,concentration ,passions and willpower .It removes the tentions and the thrill.It is very important in Indian Culture.It is used from the ancient time .
The India is the birth place of the Yoga and at this time it is very famous in all of the world. Reieki ,Water therapy ,Meditation therapy ,Acqua puncture all are the parts of Yoga. It changes the life rapidly .
Definition Of Yoga :- In this world ,Every creature human and others all are made by the God . So every body has equal right to meet the God .The ladder between the God and the human is the Yoga . The yoga means addsive . The healthy Mann lives in the healthy body .Yoga keep our Mann and body fresh , and it results a great and successful man .The Yoga is a great mode to make the direct connection to the God .
Importance of The yoga :- According to the Indian culture Yoga had been found in the existence in the time Lord Shiva . Even Lord shiva had a name The Yogeshwara (God of the yoga ) . More than 88,000 saints had been working in the ancient time in India For the research and development of yoga .
In the Middle Era after Lord Shiva Guru Machendra Nath and Guru Gorekh Nath Had been worked a lot in the development of Yoga .The eighteenth and ninteenth century had been the black centuries for the yoga even people were losing interest in this great art . But after 1983 it was a great boom in the social presence of Yoga ,It had been started teaching yoga in all of the Indian school and colleges .
Benefits of Yoga :- In the modern time people are very much aware about their health and they enjoy many ways of keeping them fit , but Yoga is the one of the most effective mode of keeping the people fit and fine . Yoga not only keep body fit but also make the bones powerful , it is good for joints , keep liver , heart , Lungs , mind , kidney , stomach away from any kind of illness .Even it increases the sex power also .
It improves the fighting capacity against the disease.Tis is the best exercise of this world .Alopathy Homeopathy and others only provide cure from the desease , but yoga does not alow them to take the birth . Its not expensive way and need not more space or time . Even everybody ,child , young and old people can do yoga easily .
It also improves flexibility in the body.It has been very helpful in the cure of drug addiction . Lets come together , be fit and keep fit others fine .
Important Four types of Yogasana :- Mainly there are four kinds of yogasana .
1. Yogasana in standing position .

2. Yogasana in sitting position .

3. Yogasana in laying by back position .

4. Yogasana in laying by stomach position .

These Yogasana are very good for healthy life but be regular .If you want to know more about yoga please contact .