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From the ancient time Hindus are the follower of the powers. Yantra is also one kind of Gods power. Yantra is like a floppy drive we canstore lots of data in a small disk and can use that as our requirements. Same like a floppy in yantra lots of powers are stored in yantra and then used for many purposes.
The sun powers Yantras, and its nature is power, by using yantras any person can achieve the peace and unique results, like improvement in business, etc.
Yantra have a special place in Indian society. Even a very normal person can achieve the gain from the prays of the yantra . In all over the world many people are focusing on yantras from the scientific angel. Hypnotism is the best example. Yantras are made in a special time by the holy Hindu preys. Ellipse is the best time to generate the yantras.
Types of Yantras: - Mainly two types of yantras are used .
One is kept in the temples or place for prays in the home or in the offices.
Second is always kept in the touch of the body.
Different sizes are used as per requirement and convenience. Mainly these are made on pure metals; more pure of the metal means more power and life.
Yantras made on papers work for one or two years only.
Yantras made on cooper work for five years to ten years.In India mostly yantras are made in the same metal.
Silver yantras work for fifteen years to twenty years .In India silver yantras are made mainly on diwali festival .It is very holy.
Gold yantras work for the lifetime. Mainly gold is used in the yantras wear on the body.
Use of Yantras :- In India yantras are available for all kind of problems .But mainly yantras are used for the betterment in the business , Money problem , peace in the family , For getting the blessing of the God , For covering from the evil souls or ghosts .Solving study problems , diseases ,Legal disputes , winning over enemies .etc uses are endless .
Conditions :- There is only one condition in the making of the yantras that is it must be prepared by the master of yantras , Pran prathista of the yantra is the most important condition .