A wonderful humble account of Self

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Stumbled across this while wandering through the web-iverse.


Despite some of the adorable eccentricities of the interview, I found this to be a truly wonderful account of realization of Self. Listened to carefully, Ananta does a beautiful job in creating the space to shift ones awareness from mind to Self.


'In the first part of my time in Tochigi prison, the experience was of being a prisoner suffering... gradually, as this 'shift' happened the prison was experienced as a 'set up' just an appearance designed for awakening.... as every moment is... and the real experience was of being in a Zen style retreat!.

The experience we have always depends on from where we are perceiving...

The prison of the mind is an illusion... and that is the only prison. I no longer experienced myself as a prisoner, but as pure Awareness that is always Free!

Then I could only see the gift of this Zen retreat.'

Om Shanti

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nice, ty :)

nice, ty :)

Karl Jacob | Mon, 11/01/2010 - 20:43