Wonder Why

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Wonder Why (1991)

I wonder if you know when you're going to die
Or if you feel like you're slowly dying,
but aren't quite sure! How could you tell?
If you feel that there is something wrong
but everyone says you're okay,
do you believe them?
What do you think?
Why do you think?

If you feel you're slowly deteriorating,
and no one seems to listen or care,
do you sit back & let your body rot?
Do you sit there with a cold lost stare?

Why is it that you feel so dead,
but know that you are quite alive?
Are you living life after death
or living life before you die?
You wake up wondering if this is real
You wake up feeling dreadful fear
You look around at this lost world
and wonder if you'll have someone to hold.

Your eyes are filled with the darkest glare
but they shine so bright and see so clear
Is it just your inside that feels so dead?
Is your outside living day after day?
Is that feeling of hurt coming from within?
Are you feeling you've messed up and have
nothing to gain?

You think you know what's right,
but then you feel it's wrong.
You never regret it but end up feeling so alone
You wonder if maybe things will work out,
but you feel the need to just cry, scream, or shout
Because you know it's not right, or do you?

You ask God, why is life this way?
You lay back in your bed and pray
You see nothing but a lost, cold soul
and your heart feels like one giant black hole.
Why do you try so hard to please,
when all you feel is an endless need
and you hunger for something you will never posses
then you feel so hurt, so sad & depressed

You ask yourself why over and over in your head
And you come up with nothing, still feeling dead
It hits you smack dab in the face,
why did you get pulled into that embrace?
Why are you worried? Why do you sit & mourn?
You laugh as you look back to when you were born.
Is life just funny, is it just a game?
That seems to pull us in & out with guilt and shame?

Why do you feel so dead, why do you feel so isolated,
when you know you are alive & that life's just plain complicated.
You laugh & wonder why, are you telling the truth
or is this all a lie?
Do you really know how you feel or
do you walk around not knowing what's real
Are you really dead? Is this all a dream?
Will you awake in terror from a nightmare so extreme?

Don't you know the difference between wrong and right
Between life and death, between day & night?
You no longer see out of your own eyes,
because you no longer know & just keep wondering why.
Can't you live your life in happiness?
Why do you get so immensely distressed?

You can't answer why because
you don't know if you're dead or alive
All you seem to do is wonder why
as night slips through the endless sky
as day crosses over our hopeless souls
as the sun shines bright on all the fools
as the moon just sits like a chunk above
and the sea roars fiercely just because
And everyone laughs & cries & hates
And everyone loves & dies & prays

But still you ask & wonder why as a tear drops slowly from your eye
And you don't understand if you're still alive
You just sit and mourn and wonder why.

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hey datakat, welcome back!

hey datakat, welcome back! we missed you!


divine intervention | Sat, 08/23/2008 - 06:06
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I went through that.
And I was reborn.

Ecomancer81 | Sun, 02/01/2009 - 16:43