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Many times we have various thoughts of contradictory nature in view but they pertain equally to truth. At such circumstances we are found ourselves in a fix to decide what may be followed and what,not.Arjuna was found himself fixed in such contradictions at the battle of Kurukshetra and Shri Krishna expressed these opposites in Gita when He gospels to him.various scholars have given many kinds of explanations to these opposites in their commentaries and they try to harmonize them. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has said that truth is contradictory; if it is not contradictory, then it is not truth. Bhagawat Gita is full of these opposites but one can understand them only if someone see them in totality.some of such kinds of contradictions are submitted below for concentrations and answers to these opposite views may be got in the commentaries of scholars such as revered Swami Gambhirananda Late President Of Ramakrishna Math and Mission who wrote on bhaashyas of aadiguru Shankracharya on Gita, Brahmsutras and U&panishadas (prasthaanatraya) etc.-----
At one place in Gita Sri Krishna tells Arjuna that action is the most important thing and without action one will be nowhere.but after that, he tells him that action is all right but knowledge is better.Then krishna says, 'you must become a yogi and drop everything around you".Krishna tells Arjuna in chapter six that since he is confused, there is no use talking.He asks him to meditate.Finally, he says "He is the greatest amongst yogis who keeps Me in his heart whether he meditates or not.He is the real yogi because I am with him in whatever he is doing".At one juncture, "Krishna says, Arjuna, there is nobody dear to me, nobody to whom I love."And then gives a whole list of qualifications for those He really loves.In another instance, Krishna tells Arjuna to act without looking for the fruit of action.Later He asks Arjuna to act properly according to natural laws.Then He tells him that he ought to fight if he wants to win the war.So, at this point He is bringing Arjuna's attention to the fruit of action, but then he also tells him not to worry about the fruit of action.Krishna was a dear friend to Arjuna.In the Bhagawatam, except Vidura and Udhav, nobody even thought he was enlightened; they all thought that he was just very smart.The Pandavas and gopis knew who Krishna was and how complete He was from all angles.