Why guru?

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Every living thing is a spark of God an enlightened soul. The whole universe and beyond is created by Gods in their different 'lokas' and therefore touched by God. Pick any religion and you can comprehend and realise your destiny in participation by the light/spark in your soul. Man is the image of God and inseperable, able to completely understand God. Even animals are holy. Sai Baba paid homage to a black dog who appeared at his table and knew he was tested by God in sharing his meal. So if you are above the guru why do you need another ordinary man or woman to enter the afterlife? You are not a different or lesser person in the eyes of God. Gurus play spiritual games which are not going to help you only bewilder you and make a fool of you. Effects of meditation can be explained by quantam physics. A guru can visualise a picture of Christ and transfer that image in your consciousness. It is just like magic. So where is God in that? It is a business today and a very effective one to the point of leaving you addicted, very disappointed and out of pocket. Gone are the days of truth and true gurus. Gurus can not even heal an ailment today. They are fake.

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You confuse your assumptions and opinions with facts

You text above is an excellent example why one needs a guru - he needs a guru that will point out for him that he is basing all his arguments on assumptions and that he regards these assumptions as facts. This is exactly what you did in that text of wrong assumptions and opinions disguised as facts.

The problem that you arrive at based on these wrong assumptions that you presented to yourself and to others as facts, is the same problem that an ill person arrives when he refuses to go to see a doctor, or a car owner who refuses to go to the garage, or a depressed person who refuses to meet a shrink - they all built a false and determined view of reality based on their unqualified assumptions and until they will be brave enough and modest enough to consult an expert they will remain stuck and suffering.

samsara | Fri, 01/11/2013 - 07:26
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You're right but I don't agree with you.

johnny.j | Sun, 02/03/2013 - 16:36
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its not

its not true, you may be the sufferer from a guru but all guru are not like that,
so my submission is that you change your prospective in this regard and again search for guru, if you are really genuinely seeking then you will find your guru, who will help you in your mission,

madan_gautam | Tue, 02/05/2013 - 06:12