Why Do We Seek

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I was wondering if I would have ever searched if I was Truly Happy.

If I am not happy today I go straight to that which is the cause or causes of my unhappiness. There is no search for any other or practice as a remedy to relieve me of pain including the so called awareness. That would be a diversion and waste of time.

So I wanted to ask what are we seeking and why?

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You are not seeking, there

You are not seeking, there is a seeking, you didn't really choose to seek. If you look at it attentively you will notice that, it just happened due to your mixture of conditioning and that which is sometimes called the whim which is a latent force in your soul that is programmed to enquire.

This seeking has nothing to do with happiness or misery. And happiness is not really triggered by life story but rather is seeking excuses in the life story to justify the unhappiness.

Ultimetly, one anonsons the seeking and the preoccupation with unhappiness and simply surrenders to unhappiness, accepts it and then it doesn't matter if you are happy or not, it doesn't affect your state of mind, strange as it may sound.

Jibanda | Fri, 12/09/2011 - 23:48