WHEN are you "enlightened" ???

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I just read a thread were people discuss if Mooji is "enlightened" or not.

Some strictly say: "YES, hes is." - others: "NO, he isn´t."

What is the criterion to call someone "enlightened" ?
What is YOUR criterion to call someone "enlightened" ?

When do/can you call YOURSELF "enlightened" ?

Before telling my own point of view, I would love to hear/read YOURS ...

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If you are well experienced

If you are well experienced in the spiritual world and met a lot of teachers and gurus and then one day after many years you happen to finally get to know an enlightened person for the first time, from now on you can't not recognize an enlightened one or more accurately you can't not recognize a false one.

There is some underlying perfect quality in the enlightened one. It's hard to explain it in words. It's not charisma, it's not energy, it's not eloquence (as many people mistaken these three for enlightenment), it's something more profound and subtle and it is perfect and it radiates in whatever channel and context - words, gestures, etc. When you encounter a such and if it is after a long time on the path, you will understand what I wrote here.

Mooji is certainly not enlightened. Not even close to enlightened.

yeshcheraz | Tue, 09/06/2011 - 17:45
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And about yourself, you are

And about yourself, you are enlightened when you don't care if you are or not and doesn't have the slightest urge to go out and proclaim this. Of course this is only a small aspect of it but it is enough to brush aside most of those teachers who claim that they are so...

yeshcheraz | Tue, 09/06/2011 - 17:47
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One who has transcended the three gunas or qualities...

Ironically, I just wrote an article this morning on this subject. I believe a truly enlightened person is one who is able to assist another in achieving the same. I would equate an enlightened person with one who is qualified to be a guru.

The word "guru" is most popularly understood to mean "dispeller of darkness." Another interpretation of this word said to come from the Guru Gita, includes gu as "beyond the qualities" and ru as "devoid of form", stating that "He who bestows that nature which transcend the qualities (the three gunas: satvic - positive, rajasic - neutral or activating and tamasic - evil) is said to be guru."

Nowadays, the term guru (enlightened) is used very loosely to simply identify one as a teacher but in yoga a "true" guru is one who has attained Self-Realization and thus becomes "qualified" to assist other aspirants or devotees in attaining the same. Thus, only one who has reached the "mountaintop" of spirituality can help another to reach the mountaintop as well. Of course, it is very difficult (if not impossible) for one person to determine if another is truly a guru if they themselves are not free from maya (delusion or ignorance.)

Although there may be wise and loving people who may serve as inspirational teachers to others, Paramahansa Yogananda states that there are essentially four qualities that make one truly qualified to be considered a guru and they are as follows:

A true guru -

1. Is able to disconnect his life force and consciousness from the body.
2. Can, at will, enter the conscious breathless state, maintaining life in the body by drawing a supply of cosmic energy from God (Spirit).
3. Must be nonattached to the body and sense objects.
4. Has no personal desires and remains undisturbed by egoistic wishes for any person or object or sense enjoyment, thus knowing only the joy and love of his Creator.

For more: http://www.the1soulwithin.com/spirit/soul/gurus

Lateef T Warnick
1 S.O.U.L.

the1soulwithin | Mon, 09/12/2011 - 12:56
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His each Cell speaks of LOVE......

To me Enlightened person is...who is full of LOVE...his each CELL speaks of Love.When you come in contact with such person...you forget your physical self...you become one with him at peace.He is beyond physical BODY and MIND.He is always connected to Heigher Source.

How to FIND HIM? If you have a Real Wish...you will surely find him....!!! No one has to help you at your own you will recognize....when your mind gets PURIFIED!!!!

Your Insight is your "GURU".

bonya basu | Wed, 09/14/2011 - 06:11
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For me, the real nature of

For me, the real nature of enlightenment has to do with the expansion of your consciousness to the maximum limit, until you are not separate from the rest of creation. This has certainly been my experience. Thus, enlightenment happens when you expand to encompass the whole of the universe. In my blog I write allot about this. I reveal my experiences with a divine energy and how it has transformed my life.

I myself am not enlighten, but have suffered a very profound inner transformation that is deepening by the second.

Lot´s of love.

balancedharmony.blogspot.com (In english)
balancedharmony.wordpress.com (In english)
balanceyequilibrio.blogspot.com (In spanish)

eliojosemarin | Wed, 09/21/2011 - 11:33