What is message behind doing puja of shiva linga.

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What reason and message to world by doing worship of shiva linga.
Can any body through light on it?

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Worship of any symbol of any Divine energy is interaction with that Energy . Yogi Ashwini says, if you worship The Shiv Linga which is a symbol of Lord Shiva, and your thoughts are on your home, family , job etc, then that worship is 'tainted'. Worship should be pure , with only Love for the Deity in your heart, also the CHANT , of the Deity's name should be completely correct with correct voice modulations, wrong Chants can cause more harm than good. Once your Guru has given you permission to worship the deity , then the person who worships ,will be blessed by the Deity , and that person will become selfless.Like the Deity, thereby becoming useful to the universe.This way that person becomes part of His /Her Guru's force,selfless and worthy.

Nitashaartist | Thu, 09/23/2010 - 07:25