What is Love?

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I would like to increase my awareness of love. I would really like to know what love is to you; not the garden variety, romance, love of child, or pet, or food or subject...

Love on the more universal scale--not that love for those in the categories above can't exemplify universal love, but here it would give me much joy to discuss the love you perceive in a stranger's eyes, even when he is not smiling, or the how love is the context when you lose a friend, or the worst happens.

Is love something that waxes and wains? If it is all pervasive? What is your awareness about it?

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Our mistaken concept of love

The best depiction of the system of love that I have ever encountered (not only in this website but everywhere) is no doubt First look for love, then for someone to love.

This article that argues that we have mistakenly transposed the order object->love where truly it is love->object.

In addition, it differentiates between two things that we usually regard as the same and apparently are not: love and the feeling of love. The first is a type energy, the second is what one feels when the first (the energy of love) is flowing.

And lastly, and only here comes the object of love: for the energy of love to flow, there is a need for an object.

I feel this is a revolutionary and precise depiction of love devoid of all the usual social and cultural connotations we have about love. It makes a lot of sense to me and since I read that article I couldn't find one flaw in this thesis.

sisi | Sun, 12/27/2009 - 11:16
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It is such an important topic yet so few have chosen to respond. Is it because of the fact that the term is much abused or it is difficult to define. Some feel it is a matter of heart and to scutinise it through mind would rob it of its mystical quality.

Well, we are so full of the me (self) that we are passionately attached to anything that lets us Transcend it or where we can forget or loose ourselves, as in so many things and Love. But that makes us a slave of the object. Also since mind by its very nature is a movement we loose interest in what we liked yesterday so passionately.

Now can we go beyond the self without the object. Any consious effort will be born of the self and so cannot take us beyond.

So the thing is to understad the self and see its activities and tricks.

Where self is not, Love Is.

joejo | Sat, 02/06/2010 - 05:32