What is karma?

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What is karma?

I do not seek the Sanskrit meaning or the equally futile explanation of cause and effector even Krishna's brilliant exposition in Gita. How does karma work in reality? In this dual world?

If karma was truly cause and effect and stopped there, as in Newton's law of motion, once the effect happened the cause would have been exhausted. Oftentimes, what we do are followed by consequences in this world. karmic effect should then stop. No more suffering. We should be free from rebirth (assuming one believes in rebirth).

How then does karma work? why?

Please, nothing about non duality, thank you in advance. For now, i prefer to be dual and await my karmic response.

be blissful

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What if ?

What if this is all a dream? What if the only experience is what is happening right now? What if karma is just like everything else here, just a thought?

How do you know if there is cause and effect for sure? What if every 1/10,000 of a second everything is newly created? Would cause/effect makes sense then?

Just some things to ponder

Coyote | Thu, 08/14/2008 - 15:36
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let me explain!

in my deep meditation i found,
or u can say by lexigram knowhow,
K+rama is karma
or its the knowledge of rama.....
let me try to explain from a story....

lord rama lived in with his consort forgetting his created world to some extent in vaikunta shall we say....

ravana was just killing the puny mortals and tapasvi rishis
and time took dasaratha to answer the purpose

"lord rama who make everyone ascend descended and duly
the destruction of virus or asuras started"

and in his 108 amsa time he ascended to heaven....

if u still have question i must teach u astrology...

Question should be:
ask with reference ,do u know anyone whose cause and effect
has neutralised and is still suffering...
if so how do u know. its time.....
first be a good student observe truth as they are then u will realise for
bhagavad gita
is enough for arjuna was "nara" the representative of mankind and narayana the refuge"

with love
ask any question with reference
u will have answer.

dhorai | Wed, 11/19/2008 - 08:51
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sounds more like u will have confusion.

Phroggy | Wed, 11/19/2008 - 20:14
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karma neutralising meditation!

dasaratha raam guide us to respect parents...the true way.

kausalya raam show as achara path....

lakshmana raam destroy the tares.....

bharata raam guide us in love mode....(MUSLIMS)

satrugna raam destroyed enemies...

kaiakeyi raam hel devas.

hanumanta raam save the sitas..

swayam prabha raam teach as yogic flying....

viswamitra raam protect the yagas....

valmiki raam protect the fatherless childrens..
and who do mistake or family.

vasista raam teach us attraction qualities...

etc etc....

do rama meditation ....

with love

dhorai | Mon, 02/09/2009 - 06:58
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karma neutralizing meditation

wonderful explanation..

.. Life is meant to be lived in Eternal joy, Infinite freedom, Unconditional love and Unbounded awareness ..

NeoNeo | Tue, 03/24/2009 - 23:08
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Karma is deception personified.
Karma is the deception that makes Maya, Life, and its reality appear real.

This definition might sound unreal or stupid ... the definition/deception might take time to connect, to click. But with time it can become obvious... and with a little Kundalini it/karma can becomes not only funny but hilarious ... and with enough Kundalini the thought that Karma is just deception can literally kill someone with laughter.


genep | Sat, 03/14/2009 - 02:27
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Karma is a word, and I'm not aware of any process, energetic or otherwise, by which words attain 'obvious' meanings, except of course for the person to whom the meaning becomes obvious. All I'm aware of are the various definitions of karma given to it by others, which seem to be nonsense.

Phroggy | Sat, 03/14/2009 - 04:40
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Karma is that which we impose on ourselves, due to our attachments.

P.S. I suppose that falls under the heading of nonduality, but it's true. Not very 'romantic', is it? But at the same time it gives the chance to 'escape' it altogether.

> How does karma work in reality?
> In this dual world?

See, that's the thing, friend... there is no "this dual world". Your world is the world of your memories. So, in reality, it works as described above. But if you prefer fantasy, there are many who can pass one along to ya.


Omkaradatta | Sat, 03/14/2009 - 13:01
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It is OBVIOUS that Karma can ONLY be a Figment in/of Duality and can therefor ONLY flourish and be nursed like an addiction so ONE/Self gives it-SELF something to do/worry about?....in TINE = it's Imagined Future.
The Now doesn't give a Rats ass about Karma~*~

When Self got sick of his saints
and bored with guru's
he created me ...
to LAUGH at Everythingggg

they took seriously.

B-Self, Eternal Infinite Sri Fukkamee Swami

Bercano | Sat, 03/14/2009 - 15:37
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Karma is only a word (which I think Phil pointed out), and we can give it any definition we like. Duality is just a word too, as is nonduality. Words can be used to 'point', that's all.

The truth remains wordless, so you can say there is karma or say there isn't karma, and the truth isn't listening to you.


Omkaradatta | Sat, 03/14/2009 - 15:50
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It only has significance if somebody thinks they can do something about it, like burn it or cause it or smoke it or whatever. In that case, what needs to be looked into is the doer.

Phroggy | Sat, 03/14/2009 - 22:17
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We've all heard of Karma.

Most people have a vague impression that it's about cause and effect, action/reaction , or something like this.

But that tells us nothing!

Some people realize that Karma has to do with one's actions, but they leave it at that.

Still, we do not know what Karma is, for this only describes Karma in a general way.

Since we believe that Karma relates somehow to cause and effect, we shuffle off to think/talk about other subjects.

Still we do not know the cause of Karma.

To merely say Karma is a result of our actions is still less than truth, for it only touches the surface of the nature of Karma.

Why do we act the way we do?

That is the real driver of the Karmic generating process!

Very few of us have a clue why we act the way we do!

Going still deeper, we will find that our actions are determined primarily by the beliefs in our minds!

But we are still at the surface of the subject.

Going deeper yet, we find that our beliefs are not determined by us, but by all around us.

A child has an empty (empty of concepts) mind.

All beliefs are taught to a child by his environment (parents, religions, schools etc.)

A child is still pure, and is incapable of suspecting that those showing, teaching, and guiding him might have an agenda.

Here the damage is done, as the child's ego will defend all challenges to his beliefs as he gets older.

After all, how could his parents and family/friends possibly have mislead him. They told him that they loved him, and could be trusted.

The child's later years in school will rarely be challenged, because his teachers told him how smart he was.

And since he is smart, he would know if he was being lied to!

Again, ego is the mechanism that keeps the individual on his course to Karmic generation.

The whole game depends on your ego to keep you in bondage.

Ego renunciation is the only way to escape the trap!

But this is easier said than done, for the force of MAYA keeps the individual from escaping!

Is this not a most interesting trap that we are born into?


ONLYPILL | Fri, 08/21/2009 - 05:36
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The careful essence of Karma

I think the answer is beautifully given in detail in /blog/how-does-karma-work-or-acting-rather-reacting-all-counts. It is the one of best description I have ever read about this issue.

kaput | Fri, 12/11/2009 - 00:56
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Karma: The Governor Of Existence

Everything we see is a form of life with an energy or ghost. Whatever any form does to another form the emotion of doing it is embedded in its ghost. Any emotion of the receiving form is embedded in its ghost. Any giving or receiving emotion of every form from any other that ghost has to have done to it as that form by the opposing ghost to obtain that ghost's emotion. Karma is the motivating force causing every action ever experienced by any entity to be making it the governor of existence.
Have you questioned your beliefs? Reason the different concepts until all pros and cons are integrated into the 64,800 degrees of your vision.
--Elijah "NatureBoy"--

Elijah_NatureBoy | Tue, 12/29/2009 - 03:17
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cause -effect- cause

If karma was truly cause and effect and stopped there, as in Newton's law of motion, once the effect happened the cause would have been exhausted. Oftentimes, what we do are followed by consequences in this world. karmic effect should then stop. No more suffering. We should be free from rebirth (assuming one believes in rebirth).

How then does karma work? why?

To answer specifically to the doubt raised by you, cause creates an effect and the effect then becomes the cause. So it is a continious cause- effect1 cause(effect1)- effect2 cycle. Its a continious chain. Even in physics we know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but merely changes form.

joejo | Sat, 02/06/2010 - 06:21
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The Motion

Allow me to paint you a picture of how the motion of cause and effect works.

Earth is like a brick house with every brick representing a species of life with its many different personalities per life type. The house and bricks remains, it is only ghosts (life forces) which migrates from personality to personality of each specie and through all species. There is a sequence every ghost follows, I call timeline, where a multitude of other ghosts in different stages of their evolution are also in it within each specie and the other species.

We will say there are 700 million different timelines and each timeline represents a personality in which every life on earth is in one of them. The karma passed on is to a ghost in your own timeline {how many people and/or other lifes do we see daily and never have interactions with} and incarnation group. [The 700 million timelines all begin about the same time, at what we call the beginning of a civilization, and evolves to the other species and the next plane together, thus, the incarnation group.]

All karmic interactions are with those in ones own timeline and incarnation group as we pass through every brick of the house. Thus, the karmic action passes from ghost to ghost as they incarnate as the various personalities of the specie and from those in their incarnation group. Thus, the causes remains in place to create the effects we see around us.

Most people want to stop Nuclear research but what we do during this civilization are the stones on which the new civilization will be built, once this one is terminated. We are living in a material civilization where we recognize only our physical being, another will be born out of this ones destruction where we recognize our spirit and not our physical forms. Here we have the sun and discarnating, then there will be no sun nor discarnating and the enriched uranium produced here is the means of maintaining that civilization. More cause and effects in action.
Have you questioned your beliefs? Reason the different concepts until all pros and cons are integrated into the 64,800 degrees of your vision.
--Elijah "NatureBoy"--

Elijah_NatureBoy | Sat, 02/06/2010 - 13:59
silencio | Sat, 02/06/2010 - 10:03
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I think Karma is how we are cleansed of the ego.
As God is pure and not tainted by action or the Gunas (tamas, rajas, satwa)then how can we become one again with Him if we are not pure.
Gurus and Swamis tell us we should always do good in thought and deed(word and action).
We are the Architects of our own lives, doing good today will bring a better future. wrong actions the opposite.
If i beat someone today then in three or ten lifetimes away someone will give me a beating and i wouldn't know why and it may not be the person I beat up all those lives ago, He may have forgiven me and be having a better life because he did that.
Gurus and Swamis were where we are now except they have refined themselves over many liftimes and we get to see the results of that and learn from them.
So Karma in a nutshell
"Good actions good life"
"Bad actions Hard life"

May all your good actions be Blessed and the fruits offered to God.


Shogon | Sat, 02/19/2011 - 09:26
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Cleaning the Ego

The only thing I consider ego is the material mind. On this dual plane we have a physical and spiritual mind we are working to integrate and once completed there is only the I or whole mind. However, that integrating of the minds can not happen until we have balanced all our actions on other lifes.

When we become the I we realize there's no good nor evil, only learning experiences giving us understanding of the various emotions we see around us in animals, man and plants. Each I have to experience what every animal, man, microbe and plant are required to experience at our I's hands. That is what Karma is and what keep existence revolving to allow us to evolve.

The "timeline" [sequence the I incarnates through existence] is the architect of our lives, determining which personality we take and at at what time. The extreme actions we sow are on others in our timelines ahead or behind us, the less physical are often across timelines.

Therefore, karma is learning every Iota of existence via experiencing it.

Have you questioned your beliefs? Reason the different concepts until all pros and cons are integrated into the 64,800 degrees of your vision.
--Elijah "NatureBoy"--

Elijah_NatureBoy | Sat, 02/19/2011 - 14:08
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Karma is the corrective force

Karma is something that has to do with refining us and purifying us to get pure enough to be eligible to be united with God.
So if we do a bad thing to other people, Karma does not do the same bad thing to us in same magnitude but works on us in such a form, format and magnitude till we get to a stage where we realize that we should never do the same/similar bad to any one else and stay resolved at sub conscious level. The magnitude of its hit might depend on how hard one has to be hit to get to this purification.
Good Karma only builds deposit that can help nullify some of the Bad Karma or helps reduce the impact of Bad Karma, However purification is the driver and Karma keeps going till this goal is achieved.

VenuR | Sat, 11/26/2011 - 10:14