What is Jap Ji ? By Guru Nanak

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The Message of Guru Nanak,
Jap Ji is the beautiful hymn of Guru Nanak which appears as a prologue to the Guru Granth Sahib, the voluminous scriptural treasure of the Sikhs, which comprises over 1400 pages. The Jap Ji lays down the basic principles of his teachings and explains the means to achieve at-one-ment with the One Being, the Creator of all.
The title "Jap Ji" is composed of two words--"Jap" and "Ji." "Jap" stands for meditation on a certain object to a degree that one loses his consciousness and merges into the very object of meditation. By this Japa the meditator is transformed into that very object, losing all sense of his own separate existence. Here this word conveys the idea of deep concentration or internal repetition of the Word, to the extent that it will efface the tint of ego in man, letting in Divinity which already exists in him with full expressive effulgence--spiritual life taking the place of physical existence. "Ji" means a new life--life achieved through meditation on the Word--which brings us in closer communion with the Ever-Existent Source of Life. This title thus contains within itself the solution of the mystery of life. It is really life-giving--True-life giving--by contacting the Divine Word within.

"Therefore if you wish to have life worth living, unite yourself with the Divine Word that is already within you".

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Let us chant the divine name of God which we like most, during our leisure hours. Japa will grant the fruits when the mind is fully purified. Further a purified mind can do japa easily without any effort. Japa alone can take the aspirant to God. There is no doubt in it. But while receiving the initiation it is better to opt for the name of God which we likes most.

nrajan57 | Fri, 09/03/2010 - 10:17