What is Good and is it Good for Me?

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I have been working very hard to try to improve my life and to take on new levels of "doing good" (of course, this is only the "good" that I percieve to be "good").

I have been assured that "what goes around comes around" eg Karma.

But my Christian Relative says that often, the more "good" a person does the more the "Devil" will try to get the person off balance and to destroy the "good" eminent in their lives.

This makes sense to me in some ways - and it seems to be what happens in my life.

Also from a "psychic" perspective - when one walks in the light, darker souls are attracted to them to seek the Light for themselves, like a moth to a flame. Or is it to put the light out?

I think that the Karma answer is most appropriate, but as with other forum topics I've seen posted - how does one "win" with Karma?

If it is a matter of making up for lives long passed, then what of God's benevolent forgiveness? And why should one suffer now over something that happened 3,000 years or more ago? There are very few spiritually minded beings that "hold grudges", from what I have learnt by being around those type of people at different times in my life.

I think it would scare me if my life went "totally right", the feeling of knowing can be knowing too much and that is hard to handle without the support of others in the same boat.

It is very rare these days for people that I come in contact with outside of a religious group to be compassionate and understanding in all ways. So I spend my time trying to go from one safe haven to another, avoiding the dullness in between. Being ignorant of the ignorant is taught to be unwise also. Bringing myself down to their level gives me pure hatred for myself and others, so much so it engulfs me and I come to suffer horrifically because of it.

I am aware I've written about a few different topics, hopefully you will be able to see the common thread I am trying to express and any comments would be most gratifying and further thought provoking for me, I am sure.

Have a nice day everyone who reads this! Spread the love... :)

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Good for

As human beings when we do our duties at all levels of our life that is good to all those who concern to us and also good for others unconcerned because as nice persons and citizens we have done our dutiful deeds which benefits mutually.

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 07/06/2010 - 04:46
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Great post. I enjoyed reading it so much.

Try to make good not for the sake of "what goes around comes around" but due to the order of the heart feeling the pain of the other as its own. This is the true meaning of love. It is hard in the beginning until the heart opens. This is the true making good as it is not part of some hidden selfish motive.


dora | Tue, 07/06/2010 - 11:00
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I have choosen a wrong guru and not able to come out of it

I have choosen a wrong guru shri parthasarthy rajagopalachari of ramchandra mission and he has made my life hell. He does black magic and in addition he is angry and ofcourse he is angry with every other person. Most senior abhyasis deviated they think he is arrogant and deviated the path of spirtuality to other things among them is his arrogance on abhyasis and torture on them. He says he will not let abhyasis disobident. If they do they have to suffer its consequences and he sets for it with his supernatural powers. any 1 can visit the website srcm.org and it is full of these tricks and all. After bearing the brunt for 4 years now, i think it was time to put it across you so that I can get some relief or to pacify shri chariji the black magician.

RAJAvsraj | Wed, 07/07/2010 - 04:44
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get the black magician out of your life forever

I think it can be done like this - it will take a lot of believing and practise, and perhaps you should seek to find another guru to help you consistently.
I would visualise him and You, You with more power than he, as good is always more powerful than evil. There should be cords joining the two of you in the astral. Imagine cutting those cords with Pure Silver Scissors, and pray that the cords are shut off. In disregard to him, try to heal yourself of the cords' damage, in the astral once more. Try focussing a glowing pink light over it, and then it eminating throughout your whole body, then aura. Eventually when you have that working in your mind, enclose yourself (in the astral, again) in a golden cage, that only Your Guides, Your Gods and Others they permit to have access to You.
Black Magicians can also be seen this way - anyone that carries a weapon (which these types mostly work with) can be seen as having fear of the person they are trying to attack. So, in knowing that, one can use that point to defeat them. When you see someone with a weapon - run. If you can't run - pray. God will never give You a task that You cannot handle. For You to be overwhelmed by it, means that He is Honouring You. With those two things in mind, then self-power and self-assurance is austomatically instilled in Your mind and You should have no trouble defeating someone magickly.
Good luck. If any of this is unclear please message again!

precious | Mon, 07/12/2010 - 03:58
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Good call. :) Sometimes it takes so long for the reality of what I have done to other people to sink in. Years after an act I find myself feeling guilt in an almost unreasonable way, and I try to find what the meaning of me doing that act was, perhaps the consequences as I see it, as everything we do comes from God. It does not stop the howling pain and tears when I think about how I have been horrible to some people. I hope there will be a time where we can all talk about those "nasty things we unknowingly do to another" including things done to me, for perhaps no reason at all other than lack of understanding. Oh what a perfect world it would be if everyone UNDERSTOOD! Thanks for sharing with me, Dora! xoxo

precious | Mon, 07/12/2010 - 03:48