What's the meaning of the word "swamiGAL"?

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I know what "swami" means (honorary title for one with a learning and mastery of a specific field of knowledge, most often religious or spiritual), but what is swamigal? what's the significance and meaning of the GAL suffix?

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Great Swami

GAL means "great" in the Sumerian language (similar to "maha" etc.). Thus swamigal is a great swami.

This is very typical to the Indian, somewhat funny, habit of trying to give more and more honorary titles like "sri", "sri sri", "sri sri sri" and so on...

The only open question left is how Indian jargon gets affected by the Sumerian language (the language of the ancient Sumerians in the area of Mesopotamia which is nowadays Iraq)...

enlight | Fri, 02/12/2010 - 20:38