What's the meaning of the term "discrimination"?

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With time, after encountering a certain popular spiritual term over and over again in various contexts, we slowly realize the common meanings of the term. It is an evolving process like of a child building his basic vocabulary by experience and by trial and not by dictionary. It is of course true for understanding the jargon in any other discipline.

However, there is one popular term that I feel I haven't managed to fully understand the exact meaning of its spiritual connotation - the word is DISCRIMINATION".

While in regular cases it has a somewhat negative connotation of unfair treatment and prejudice, I understand that in spiritual texts it means an important positive trait. Maybe of being able to tell a difference between things.

(1) I will appreciate if someone could enlighten me with the EXACT meaning of the term in the context of spirituality. I especially encounter the term in translations of Hindu texts, yoga etc.

(2) Why is it so emphasized in Hindu texts as an important trait? (I mean beyond the obvious importance for the ability of a person to function)

(3) What is the eqvivalent term in sanskrit which is translated into "discrimination"?

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real and unreal

Good question.

I think in the spiritual context to discriminate means to tell the difference between real and unreal, between true and false.

barbara | Fri, 12/26/2008 - 13:51
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In the spiritual context - to favor those who share your spiritual beliefs and to scold the others.

Seriously, it is the basic cognitive faculty of noticing the difference between form objects of different essence (which is a mystery how we do it). Without this ability, no spiritual investigation is possible.

kaput | Fri, 12/26/2008 - 22:53
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Discriminator ADVAIDA MEAT EATING , That " s me

From Kain, The first veggy -

as opposed to Abe the killer of the Lambs.

Yes, I am :

Discriminating fiercely between
-Killers while more or less ignorant
-Killers who like it

Most of All other so called "SINS" are a xillion time less bad
(bad meaning : centrifugal from God)
in Gods eyes
and mainly bad habits, inflated by churches e t like , to cover up and hide the giant OVERKILL !

I know a girl wwho was a prostitute like Magdalena and is still bothered by that
but God and I call her Holy because she battles for these
little animals where God lives in, and she tortures them NOT.

Same for a Boy who did Coke and stole from society but vegs big time.

Nice moment here to praise Brigitte Bardot, . . Hail to Her. .

I detest ALL Qurus with a Q -if you didn't see that-
and teachers of "Truth", -wow, on Youtube. .
saying it doesn't matter and I believe they support the Evils
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They work in concordance with the owner of this plane here
who is unable to create Souls and despairs already at the thought that he will be alone one day, which he will.

The Meat eating is it's main trick for luring souls in Chaurasi (the cycle of reincarnations.)

Shri Yukteswar shouted this from the roofs according to Yogananda
-not my branch - but I agree so much and let the Non-duality guys & gurls come up, claiming there is no karma anymore if you can see that you always was & am God.


First take a vacation in the Sun you advaita guys and then speak about God, . .
- - - - And the Sun is a less than a Snowflock in the Sahara, .
And please, don't mention Love.
Love will bite you all.

And Silence , HâHâ God Silent , but that's another subject.

And take note what Jesus & agreeing with Buddha said about luring children into this evil :
"The bottom of the sea is your place " and Jesus added
"with a Millstone around their neck !"

I will be honored to lose karma points on this song of mine here!
I'm flabbergasted seeing the audiences under hypno,. . on youtube
saying no word against the constant stupidness they hear.


I would be happy if GURUSFEET would clearly mark the vegetarian Gurus !

kain | Sun, 09/27/2009 - 02:34
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I think it's appropriate

I think it's appropriate that insanity, ignorance and hate rule this forum. welcome.

Phroggy | Sun, 09/27/2009 - 05:15
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Hi, thanks for reminding that the forum is a popularity contest

Hi, thanks for reminding
that the forum is a popularity contest

and sorry for hurting you.

That makes Two

kain | Sun, 09/27/2009 - 21:07
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Yes, basically it's a

Yes, basically it's a popularity contest, at least in terms of having the 'correct' beliefs, which is why i thought your divisive comments were appropriate for the forum. I'm in no way hurt by your comments, but thanks for your concern. I hope that my comments are also not hurtful. Just calling em as I see em.

Phroggy | Mon, 09/28/2009 - 21:13
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Calling Em

> Just calling em as I see em.

Calling Em...

Aunty Em! Aunty Em! Where's Toto?

Oh wait... we may not be in Kansas anymore ;-).


Omkaradatta | Mon, 09/28/2009 - 21:54