Udisain Order

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Swami Keshavanandji was the originator of the path that Swami Shantanandji Maharaj called the Udisain Order. Swami Shantanandji gave Bapuji (Swami Kripalvanandji) Sannyas and so became a renunciant. Swami Kripalvanandji had another guru whose name was Swami Pranavanandji who was called Dadaji. Dadaji's true form is the Lord Lakulish, the 28th incarnation of the Lord Shiva. Swami Kripalvanandji was known as Swami Kripalu in the USA where he stayed in bliss for 4 years. Kripalu Yoga was originated by his disciple Amrit Desai. Another disciple lives in Malav, India and his name is Swami Rajarshi Muniji. He is the head of Life Mission. The temple of Brahmeshwara Mahadev is at Kayavarohan and there sits the statue of the Lord Lakulish. This is a spiritual mecca for all seekers of God and the spiritual life. The Lakulish Yoga Institute is near there.

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Udisain Order and pasupata Shiva sect

Bapuji (Swami Kripalvanandji) is a rare yogi. The two lineages mentioned above are most auspicious. I am a disciple of Swami Rajarshi Muniji who is also a rare yogi who has accomplished kechari mudra. I have a special love for these gurus and Dadaji. I honor their sadhana.

Jai Bhagwan,
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