Types of Guru

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Guru are of two types. One who initiates You and the other from whom you learn or acquire knowledge. The One who initiates You is called "Diksha Guru". The One from whom you learn or acquire knowledge is called "Shiksha Guru". "Diksha Guru" can be only one, but "Shiksha Guru" can be many. As I have already said earlier that Lord Dattatreya had Twenty Four "Shiksha Guru". If a persob wants to learn he can from any source. Stop blaming them if you can not from them.


types of guru

from whom we acquire the knowledge at ephemeral level whether worldly or spiritual is certainly called our teacher, lecturer,professor who may be of good natures,bad habits and with many other human-short comings but he is master of his subject and when he attends us,teaches us ;he considers himself that he is doing his own duties for which he is responsible and is accountable to his employer,government and directorate of education and ministry of human resources and such a person is acceptable under the laws and constitution of the nation and no problematic it is. these are respected for their works in the society,in schools,in colleges,in universities.if anyone among them does the outstanding work then he is awarded by government and the people of the land.
other-side is of those to whom all-pervading consciousness(parama chaitaya),primordial divine power has given authority for the awakening of deserving souls and make them to follow the path of inner divine evolution.these are the most revered by me and myself has been saluting them continually from the core of my inner heart and such a human beings incarnated on earth have a command from all- pervading,supreme consciousness and primordial energy to initiate only the deserving-ones.
O! gracious lord,may kindly put us all at the disposal of a such divine form of Yours.

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 08/25/2009 - 03:55