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"Twamev Mata
Cha Pita Twamev,
Twamev Bandhu
Cha Sakha Twamev,
Twamev Vidya
Cha Dravinam Twamev,
Twamev Sarva Mam Dev Dev"

O Gurudev! You aremy mother and my father. You are my friend and brother. You are my wealth and wisdon. You are the soul essence of my existence!
Guropnishad states that without a Guru totality in life is next to impossible. And most auspicious and blessed is one who has a Guru in his life, whose each cell of the body resonates with the name of the Guru and who through mind, body, heart and soul is completely devoted to him.
This simple word 'Guru' is a Sanskrit derivative. Literally it means a 'heavy one'. This is very clearly illustrated in its use in science describing a phenomenon - called Gravitation - the attraction of smaller bodies to the big one! GURUWAKARSHAN as it is called. What does it mean in our context? It means someone who has the power to attract! Now - this is not enough - we add another prefix - SAT - and we get SAT-GURU - Sat means eternal. So adding up a Sat-Guru is a being who leads us from ASAT to SAT - from unreal to real!
A Sat-Guru is pouring his grace on his devotees like a shower. In order to benefit from this divine shower, you need a container and this is your sincere heart full of love and faith (SHRADHA & VISHWAS). That is all you require. Lord Buddha was once asked by one king who became his disciple, if he could give anything in return. 'Yes' the reply was prompted. Explaining his requirement, Lord Buddha said, 'I need only your smile'!
This is how a real Guru is envisaged in our culture. But at this age of 'KALIYUGA' not all Gurus are truthful, that's where you come in. You can test a Guru. A Guru who does not practice what he preaches is a pseudo-Guru - not a genuine Guru.
A Guru will always take note of the difficulties and feelings of his devotees and he would not like to see them in that state - that's where he is a mother. He can advise control and object to anything and there he becomes a father. He may give you a 'Mantra' or 'Yantra' as he deems fit to help you as a spiritual master. All Mantras and Yantras are the keys to release the potential energy for your spiritual progress and there is no limit to it.

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